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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Belligerent U.S.-Middle East reach breaches sovereignty, human rights

Relations soaked in violence, lies, half truths, hypocrisy, and false intent
Editing, re-reporting by 
Carolyn Bennett

Sovereign crimes, foreign terror

Malala Yousafzai 
International and particularly western governments and news media made running commentary of a Taliban shooting and attempted assassination of 15-year-old Malala Yousafzai on October 9, 2012, in Pakistan. Some sources reported the Taliban’s defense that the teenager’s “fight for education [made] her a ‘tool of imperialism.’”

Feminist activist Monica Hill went beyond the headlines once they died down.

ho is to be believed ─ Pakistan’s government, U.S. imperialism, the Taliban, all of which Malala Yousafzai had openly criticized ─ in this spiraling war of propaganda and bullets, drone attacks and assassinations? Hill asks.  

Yemenis protest
U.S. assassination
drone strikes
 “As I see it,” she says, “they are all in cahoots.”
Somalis flee 
U.S. assassination
drone strikes
“The shooting [of Malala Yousafzai] was not just a murderous assault on a courageous schoolgirl; it was also a grisly product of the U.S. ‘war on terror’ and a stark exposé of America’s sickening hypocrisy on democracy and women’s rights and world peace.

“In a victory speech on November 6, 2012, [U.S. President Barack] Obama said,

Pakistanis protest
U.S. assassination
drone strikes
‘We want to pass [to our children] a country … that is defended by the strongest military on Earth … but also a country that moves with confidence beyond this time of war to shape a peace that is built on the promise of freedom and dignity for every human being.’

“Hours later,” Hill recalls, “a U.S. assassination drone killed three alleged terrorists in Yemen.” Still in campaign mode, the U.S. president seemed to have been saying “… I approve this bombing.”

Perpetual wars have no “beyond this time”

“The leaders of Yemen as of Pakistan and Somalia are all now hosting undeclared wars by the United States with its deadly Predator drones,” Hill reports. “The kill list of ‘terrorists’ is put together by national security personnel and signed off, personally,” by a Nobel Peace Prize winning head of state. Echoing Palestinian poet, Remi Kanazi, Hill quotes: “My name is Barack Obama and I approve this bombing.”

Reaching back to the Soviet-era Afghanistan, Pakistan’s state apparatus has been entwined with Islamic fundamentalists in both countries, she says, and the United States nurtured and funded the Taliban — “so much for the myth that the United States is bringing secular democracy and women’s equality to the Middle East.”

oday in Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey’s Pravda Ru, article “The stupidity of U.S. Foreign Policy,” he writes: “There can be no doubt that in 2012, the foreign policy of the United States of America is no longer based upon diplomacy, but rather, skullduggery, bullying, blackmail, belligerence, interference, supporting terrorists and breaching every norm in the book of international law.... a demonic list which forms the political epitaph of Hillary Clinton.”

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey’s article comes as the U.S. government along with France and Britain recognizes a faction in Syria [possibly a creation of the West], not the sovereign government but violent opposition of Syria, as the “legitimate representative” for purposes of foreign relations. In light of this, Hinchey poses a series of questions to the United States and the current head of state in Washington. Why, in Syria, is the United States of America recognizing terrorists?
President Bashar al-Assad
Sovereign  leader
Syria: Unitary semi-presidential
constitutional republic

Does President Obama not know that the ‘legitimate representative’ he supports has been responsible for the murder of thousands of people?

Does President Obama not know that his ‘legitimate representative’ has committed unspeakable and demonic acts of torture, kidnapping, summary executions and sodomy?

Does President Obama not know that his ‘legitimate representative’ attacked a school recently with military hardware?

Does President Obama not know that his ‘legitimate representative’ today launched a terrorist attack in the center of Damascus?

Does President Obama not know that his ‘legitimate representative’ is conducting abductions and kidnappings and asking for ransom to finance its evil deeds?

Only a sovereign people

ill continues her article “Of drones and little girls”

“The workers and peasants of Pakistan are perfectly capable of dealing with their Taliban but that task “will remain a daunting one as long as the people remain under siege by U.S. drone missiles and other predators of Pakistan.” Quoting Malala Yousafzai before the attack on her, Hill writes: “‘If the new generation is not given pens, they will be given guns by the terrorists.’”
Yemeni Women protest

Only a sovereign people, independent, self-governing, self-determining people, themselves can bring and sustain the government, the society, the rights they require.

“Forty-four years ago,” Hill recalls, “Pakistanis, with women at the forefront, launched a stunning revolution.
They forced a dictator to abdicate and ran society for more than four months

Workers occupied factories

Peasants seized land

Students took over schools and colleges.

 “This can happen again,” she says, “and no doubt Malala Yousafzai and other determined young women and men like her will be part of that struggle.”

Sources and notes

“Of drones and little girls” (Monica Hill, SOAPBOX at Freedom Socialist: voice of revolutionary feminism newsletter Vol. 33, No. 6), December 2012,

Referenced in Hill article: Background international headlined continuous story: Taliban shooter tries to assassinate 15-year-old Malala Yousafzai on October 9, 2012, in Pakistan

Monica Hill is a frequent commentator on the Middle East. Email her at fsnews@mindspring.com.

A 1990 Los Angeles Times’ article “Radical Women Return to the Barricades of the Left: Ideology: Socialist feminist group demands free child care, draft for women, abortions” (February 22, 1990, Beverly Beyette, Times Staff Writer) contained this Monica Hill biographical note.

Monica Hill, a Los Angeles legal secretary who helped found Los Angeles Radical Women… describes herself as ‘a full-time revolutionary, after 5 o’clock.’

She was quoted saying “‘we are thrilled with what’s happening in Eastern Europe.’ Radical Women do not equate Democracy with capitalism; rather, they believe that true socialism is ‘intrinsically democratic’ and her radical sisters are not buying the idea that the people of Eastern Europe are yearning for capitalism, American-style. http://articles.latimes.com/1990-02-22/news/vw-1785_1_radical-women

Another source byline shows Monica Hill of Seattle Washington

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Journalist Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey is director of PRAVDA.Ru Portuguese version and MoscowTopNews.com; editor of the English version of the Russian online journal Pravda.Ru and director and chief editor of the Portuguese version, which serves simultaneously as an online news resource linking Russia with the eight Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP) and as a source of news among the CPLP member states. http://www.xing.com/net/moscow/please-introduce-yourself-stellen-sie-sich-bitte-vor-3976/hi-i-am-timothy-bancroft-hinchey-director-of-pravda-ru-portuguese-version-and-moscowtopnews-com-23645307/23645307/#23645307

“The stupidity of U.S. Foreign Policy” (Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey, Pravda.Ru), December 12, 2012, http://english.pravda.ru/opinion/columnists/12-12-2012/123145-stupidity_us_po licy-0/


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