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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

21st century CIVILIAN Nürnberg needed

One of the Tribunal's Chief Prosecutors
Soviet Union Lieutenant-General
Roman Andreyevich Rudenko 
Thoughts by Carolyn LaDelle Bennett

In a world, in a nation under laws, ignorance, inexperience, stupidity do not excuse and may not credibly be used to excuse violence, violent aggression against sovereign states, their people, their cultures, institutions, infrastructures, indeed (the young) their futures. Those who commit such crimes against humanity and against the peace must be arrested and brought to stand before a court of justice. No exceptions. 

The endless cycle of violence manufactured and sustained in a vicious pattern of making/naming/defining “terrorists” (var. convenient names) - fighting “terrorists” - making/naming/defining “terrorists” - fighting “terrorists” — this deadly harm and impunity perpetrated by U.S. leaders and Western (NATO) leaders in the post-World War II (post-Nuremberg) era must be stopped and there is no other way except through law.

One of the Tribunal's Chief Prosecutors
United States Supreme Court Justice
Robert H. Jackson
On November 19, 1945, at the Palace of Justice in Nuremberg (Germany) was convened the International Military Tribunal its first session presided over by Soviet Union Supreme Court Judge/Major-General Iona Timofeevich Nikitchenko. The prosecution (represented by chief prosecutors United Kingdom Attorney General Hartley Shawcross, United States Supreme Court
Justice Robert H. Jackson, Soviet Union Lieutenant-General Roman Andreyevich Rudenko, and French politician and professor of law François de Menthon later French politician and jurist Auguste Champetier de Ribes, France) brought indictments for “Participation in a common plan or conspiracy for the accomplishment of a crime against peace”; “Planning, initiating and waging wars of aggression and other crimes against peace”; “War crimes”; “Crimes against humanity.”


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