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Monday, April 23, 2012

Wherever they go, violence accompanies

U.S.-led West undermines peace plan: supports terror, despots; sows chaos, conflict
Editing, ending comment 
By Carolyn Bennett

Prominent Iranian political analyst Mohyeddin Sajedi recounted to Press TV that former UN Secretary-general “Kofi Annan’s plan for resolving the Syrian crisis started on April 10 and a ceasefire was enforced two days later”; and while Russia and Iran spoke out for the plan, Western forces and coerced allies lined up against it, all the while claiming they were for peace.

The plan’s failure, Sajedi said, “would mean civil war in Syria for which [U.S.-allies] Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar are already prepared. Ankara provides political and field support for the opposition while Riyadh and Doha provide them with financial support and arms; [and Jordan teeters] under pressure to become a way for financial aid and weapons to reach the Syrian opposition.”

In his criticism of countries feigning support then obstructing Annan’s peace plan, the Speaker of the Iranian Shura Council, Ali Larijani, said “countries which gathered and presented Annan’s plan are now talking about its failure despite the fact that Annan has not yet fully begun the mission.” Larijani called “for giving the UN Special Envoy the space to accomplish his mission.” He warned “countries which have not experienced any war not to wage a war in Syria because … they will play with ‘gunpowder.’”

Peace plan support in Syrian Diaspora

Reported in the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), there are members of the Syrian community in Russia celebrating Syria’s 66th anniversary of Independence and stressing “solidarity with their homeland in the face of hostile conspiracies.” Alexander Biryukov, representative of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, said Western Countries and the U.S. in particular are trying “to interfere in Syria’s internal affairs in the name of democracy and protection of human rights” but the Russian people and the Syrian people “support the plan of the UN Special Envoy to Syria, Kofi Annan, and hope that the Syrian people will come out of the crisis under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad.”  Mustafa al-Turk spoke for the Syrian community in Russia, stressing “the need for unity to defend the homeland and confront the campaign launched against Syria.” The head of the International Relations Department at the Russian Writers Union reportedly said he hoped “the international monitors will not be similar to those who called themselves ‘friends of Syria’ but rather they should represent all spectrums of international public opinion to be able to contribute in stabilizing the situation in Syria.” 

Consequences of U.S. war on terror: 
“Dirty tricks” charged against the West

Western diplomats including Britain’s UN Ambassador Mark Lyall Grant have launched a “dirty trick” to influence the world’s public opinion as far as the Syrian conflict is concerned. Reported in British media, “Sheila Lyall Grant, wife of Britain’s UN Ambassador and Huberta von Voss-Wittig, wife of Germany’s UN Ambassador Peter Wittig have created (or commissioned) a video clip posted on the YouTube that “[targets] Syria’s first lady with the online appeal to ‘stop your husband’ in what they called the ‘yearlong bid to quash a popular uprising that has left thousands dead.’”  

U.S. CIA drone
Though the video’s creators might have “wanted to psychologically influence the Syrian first lady and her relatives, they and their backers failed to refer to armed terror gangs that have killed or injured thousands of Syrian armed forces and hundreds of civilians in the more than one-year-old crisis in which the same western countries have helped to inflict damages on the Arab country…  

“Analysts believe western diplomats have resorted to this dirty trick game out of despair after they failed to defeat Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.”

On Sunday, UN Envoy Kofi Annan said, according to press reports, the UN Security Council Resolution on deploying 300 observers to monitor the ceasefire in Syria is “‘a pivotal moment in the stabilization of the country.’”

Syria in brief

Bounded on the north by Turkey, the east and southeast by Iraq, the south by Jordan, the southwest by Lebanon and Israel, situated on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea in southwestern Asia is Syria. Its independence gained in 1946, its capital Damascus situated on the Barada River in an oasis at the foot of Mount Qasiyun. The area of Syria includes territory in the Golan Heights, which has been since 1967 occupied by Israel.

Its people

The majority of Syrians are Muslim. Sunni Muslims account for about three-fourths of the Muslim population (in the majority everywhere in the country except in the southern Al-Suwaydāʾ muḥāfaẓah, governorate, and the Latakia governorate in the north). The next largest are Alawites (a Shiite subsect), living mostly in the Latakia governorate or in the governorates of Ḥimṣ and Ḥamah. Most of the country’s Druze population lives in Al-Suwayda governorate and the rest in Damascus. The Syrian people evolve from Greek and Roman ethnic influence and Semitic peoples of Arabia and Mesopotamia—Aramaeans, Assyrians, Chaldeans, and Canaanites; later Turks as Greeks and Romans before them influenced political and economic structures.

Its governance

Flag of Syria
In 1970 Syria came under the authoritarian rule of President Ḥafiz al-Assad, whose foremost goals included achieving national security and domestic stability and recovering the Syrian territory lost to Israel in 1967. Assad committed his country to an enormous arms buildup, which put severe strains on the national budget, leaving little for development. After Assad’s death in 2000, his son, Bashar al-Assad, became president.

Its resources

Petroleum became Syria’s leading natural resource and chief export after 1974; production peaked in the mid-1990s before beginning a steady decline. Natural gas was discovered at the field of Jbessa in 1940 and since that time natural gas production in Syria has expanded to form an important energy export. Some of the country’s oil-fired power stations have been converted to run on natural gas, freeing more Syrian petroleum for export. [William L. Ochsenwald: Professor of History, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg; David Dean Commins; Professor of History, Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Syria (2011) Encyclopedia Britannica]

Far more than their share for far too long  evidence

Celebrations of the British queen’s Diamond Jubilee began on February 6, 2012, and will rise to a feverishly lavish peak in June. The United Kingdom’s longest-living monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, is celebrating the 60th of this reign (1952-— almost as long as Syrias independence..

Britains monarch
This expensive monarch’s “private wealth is said to be estimated at £1.15 billion”  and only in 1993 did the queen begin paying taxes. On the monarch’s Golden Jubilee (2002), the queen and her husband increased more than their share by spending 12 months travelling around the world and attending self congratulatory celebrations.

As the British people continue struggling (as do many countries of the British Commonwealth) with great financial problems (Britain’s unemployment rate hit a 17-year high of 8.4 percent), the monarch continues to spend lavishly at the people’s expense. The 60th anniversary celebrations include a seven-mile flotilla of 1,000 boats along the Thames. [“UK queen’s Diamond Jubilee underway,” February 5, 2012, http://www.presstv.ir/detail/225109.html]

People, large numbers of them, majorities of people in the world suffer greatly when a few people take more — far more — than their shareAnd “charity,” the handout mission of those who feel themselves “superior,” does not and will never rectify this depraved, manufactured state of disparity. Only common sense and conscience and collective action will change this congenitally flawed ethos.  

More Sources and notes

“West conspiring to cause Annan plan to fail in Syria,” April 13, 2012, http://www.presstv.ir/detail/236024.htmlquent contributor to Press TV.

Mohyeddin Sajedi

A prominent Iranian political analyst, Mohyeddin Sajedi writes extensively on Middle East issues and serves as Middle East expert at the Center for Middle East Strategic Studies in Tehran. A former director of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) branches in Beirut and Damascus, Sajedi is a frequent contributor to Press TV.

“Annan: Observer Mission Work Should Help Create Conditions to Launching Much-needed Political Process in Syria,” April 23, 2012, http://www.sana.sy/eng/22/2012/04/23/414222.htm

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“West adopts dirty trick to defeat Syria,” April 18, 2012, http://www.presstv.ir/detail/236926.html

“322 People from Hama and Its Countryside Involved in Recent Events Turn Themselves In,”
 April 22, 2012, http://www.sana.sy/eng/21/2012/04/22/414296.htm

HAMA, (SANA) – 322 citizens from Hama, and its countryside, who were involved in recent events and didn’t shed any blood on Sunday turned themselves in and surrendered their weapons to the authorities. The authorities released these citizens to resume their normal lives after they pledged not to repeat their offenses, bringing the total number of people who turned themselves in recently to 773, with 248 turning themselves in on Friday in Hama. [ H. Sabbagh]

Established in 1965 and linked to the Ministry of Information headquartered in Damascus, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) is the national official news agency in Syria. “The Agency provides full coverage of local, Arab and international events based on balanced, objective approach” http://www.sana.sy/eng/article/27.htm

MONARCHIES, despotic allies

Monarchy: undivided rule or absolute sovereignty by a single person; a government having a hereditary chief of state with life tenure and powers varying from nominal to absolute

Currently, according to Wikipedia, “44 sovereign nations in the world have monarchs acting as heads of state, 16 of which are Commonwealth realms that recognize Queen Elizabeth II as their head of state. All European monarchies are constitutional — with the exception of the Vatican City; but sovereigns in the smaller states exercise greater political influence than in the larger.

“The monarchs of Cambodia, Japan, Jordan, Malaysia and Morocco ‘reign but do not rule’ although there is considerable variation in the amount of authority they wield.

“Although they reign under constitutions, the monarchs of Brunei, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Swaziland appear to continue to exercise more political influence than any other single source of authority in their nations, either by constitutional mandate or by tradition.”

Britannica notes, “By the early 21st century, examples of traditional monarchies were largely limited to the Arab world. These included the six oil-rich states, located along the Persian Gulf—Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Oman—as well as Jordan and Morocco.”

One despot (monarch) to another

“The UK Queen has invited one of the world’s most tyrannical rulers, the King of Bahrain, to her Diamond Jubilee banquet despite widespread criticism of his repressive regime,” Press TV reported in early April.

“The Bahraini regime is accused of using brutal force and torture to crush the protests in that country, which saw more than 50 civilians killed and thousands arrested. Bahrain royal family has direct control of the police, army and security services.

It is believed the elderly King of Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, declined the invitation but is sending the crown prince in his place. The Saudi Arabian royal family has also been criticized for human-rights abuses, as has another invitee, the King of Swaziland, Mswati III, Africa’s last absolute monarchy.” [“UK Queen invites Bahraini king to Jubilee banquet,” April 8, 2012, http://www.presstv.ir/detail/235154.html]


Down with the crown: http://www.yalibnan.com/2011/03/20/nasrallah-praises-protesters-in-me-except-syria-iran/






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