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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Status quo regresses society, democratic possibility

Center for Responsive Politics image
 Super PACs
Excerpt and brief comment by Carolyn Bennett
From Center for Responsive Politics

“As of April 9, 2012, 412 groups organized as Super PACs have reported total receipts of $155,547,779 and total independent expenditures of $86,322,408 in the 2012 cycle.
Congressional Mansion

Executive Mansion
“Super PACs are a new kind of political action committee created in July 2010 following the outcome of a federal court case known as SpeechNow.org v. Federal Election Commission.
Technically known as independent expenditure-only committees,

“Super PACs may raise unlimited sums of money from corporations, unions, associations and individuals then spend unlimited sums to overtly advocate for or against political candidates.

U.S. Supreme
“Super PACs must, however, report their donors to the Federal Election Commission on a monthly or quarterly basis — the Super PACs’ choice — as a traditional PAC would.

“Unlike traditional PACs, Super PACs are prohibited from donating money directly to political candidates” [Center for Responsive Politics].

Does voting matter in the United States? 

Does “democracy” really exist in a country where government officials are bought and sold like chattel, where money is laundered,  and concentrated money buys and sells governance and government policy and practice?

Center for Responsive Politics image
How much of this WASTE would  fund quality education for every child in every state of the Union (USA)? 

How much would go a long way in bringing to peoples of underdeveloped and war-torn countries basic healthcare, education, housing, employment?

Super PACs’ reporting as of April 9, 2012
ViewpointTotal Raised
Restore Our Futuresupports Romney $40,495,254Conservative$43,220,562
Winning Our Futuresupports Gingrich $16,454,135Conservative$18,856,189
Red, White & Bluesupports Santorum $7,478,733Conservative$5,764,734
Endorse Libertysupports Paul $4,090,755Conservative$3,679,464
Make Us Great Againsupports Perry $3,959,824Conservative$5,485,885
Our Destiny PACsupports Huntsman $2,804,234Conservative$3,166,244
House Majority PAC$1,798,141Liberal$3,020,215
Freedomworks for America$1,246,461Conservative$3,496,417
Campaign for Primary Accountability$1,136,257$1,856,719
American Crossroads$1,016,332Conservative$26,851,088
Priorities USA Actionsupports Obama $956,515Liberal$6,489,224
Club for Growth Action$574,097Conservative$5,203,955
Majority PAC$509,210Liberal$2,524,425
Citizens for a Working America PACsupports Romney $455,000Conservative$858
9-9-9 FUNDsupports Cain $436,055Conservative$617,620
Santa Rita Super PACsupports Paul $317,542Conservative$234,096
American Jobs PAC$254,969Conservative$0
Women Vote!$241,374Liberal$632,631
American Foundations Committee$214,693Conservative$0
Strong America Nowsupports Gingrich $211,692Conservative$249,434
Americans for Rick Perrysupports Perry $202,865Conservative$433,256
Winning Freedomsupports Gingrich $170,135Conservative$0
Rethink PACopposes Brown $156,000Liberal$626,736
Leaders for Familiessupports Santorum $135,468Conservative$150,050
Revolution PACsupports Paul $128,396Conservative$683,201
Communications Workers of America$107,000Liberal$920,971
Hoosiers for Economic Growth & Jobs$103,545$0
Conservative Action Fund$103,159Conservative$86,771
Cooperative of American Physicians$102,184$2,470,364
Americans for a Better Tomorrow,Tomorrow$79,493$1,077,777
New Prosperity Foundation$52,888Conservative$236,953
YG Action Fundsupports Cantor $52,000Conservative$255,000
Indiana Values Super PAC$51,694$10,000
Strength & Liberty PAC$50,000$0
Conservatives for Freedom$31,500Conservative$33,500
Keep Conservatives Unitedsupports Bachmann $22,380Conservative$27,162
Lantern Project$20,435Liberal$26,805
Suburban Voters for Choice$18,900$0
Independent Source$18,805Liberal$102,025
DGA Action$14,344Liberal$226,141
Saving Florida's Future$12,234Liberal$135,661
1911 Unitedsupports Obama $8,660Liberal$46,095
Strong Utahsupports Hatch $8,000Conservative$11,250
Sam vs the Machine$6,114$0
Turn Right USA$5,792Conservative$420
United Mine Workers of America Power PAC$4,782Liberal$0
Raising Red$2,125Conservative$206,435
Matthew 25 Network$1,100Liberal$0
America for the People$737$780
Tea Party Fund$400Conservative$4,134
Texas Aggies for Perry 2012supports Perry $0Conservative$0
Brady Bunch PAC$0Liberal$0
Legislating Effective American Democracy$0$0
ABO 2012 Super PAC$0Conservative$0
Ron Paul Volunteerssupports Paul $0Conservative$0
New Independent Party$0$0
Liberty Action PAC$0$0
American Sunrise$0Liberal$0
Protecting Our Vote$0Liberal$0
Patriot Super PAC$0Conservative$0
Citizens Fireup Super PAC$0$0
Fund for Freedom$0$0
Building a Better Bluegrass$0$0
Hispanic Vote$0Conservative$0
Occupy Politics$0Liberal$0
American LP$0Liberal$0
The Internet$0$0
A SuperPAC for Hire$0$0
California for Integrity in Government$0$0
Citizens for Prosperity & Good Governmen$0$0
Better Tomorrow$0$0
Bucket Tea Party$0Liberal$0
Friends for Democracy in Libya$0$0
Patriots for a Better Tomorrow$0$0
Pride PAC$0Liberal$0
Christians for a Change$0$0
Blyth Americasupports Blyth $0$0
A Congress That Works$0$0
Central Pennsylvania Republican Council$0Conservative$0
Congressional Elections PAC$0Conservative$0
American Values Coalition$0Liberal$0
Protect America Today$0Conservative$0
Michigan Jobs Alliance$0$0
Moving Arizona Forward$0Liberal$0
Occupy Wall Street PAC$0Liberal$0
Navajo Natani$0$0
Americans for More Rhombus$0$0
Defending Libertysupports Paul $0Conservative$0
United States for Everyone$0Conservative$0
Gulfstream America Super PAC$0$0
Live Free or Die PAC$0$0
National Security for America$0$0
Tea Party Express Presidential Campaign$0Conservative$0
Men Against Prostitution & Trafficking$0$0
Reaching Stars - Securing Our Future$0$0
Real Street Conservatives PAC$0$0
We Are the 99% Movement$0Liberal$0
Citizens Against Super PACs$0$0
Family Faith Future$0Liberal$0
Citizens for a Better Kansas$0$0
Joe Six PAC$0$0
TTBO Super PAC$0$0
Texas Conservatives Fundsupports Dewhurst $0Conservative$0
Citizens for Justice$0$0
Conservative Renewal$0Conservative$0
Damian Palmer & Jack Pilgrim for a Bette$0$0
Jobs, Opportunity & Freedom PAC$0$0
Res Publica$0$0
Americans for Accountability in Leadersh$0$0
The Anti-Corruption Revolution SuperPac$0$0
Liberty Principles PAC$0$0
America for Americans$0$0
Hoosiers United and Strong PACsupports Bates Jr $0Conservative$0
Americans Wanting Truth in Politics$0Conservative$0
Why Not ZoidPAC?$0$0
Liberty for All Super PAC$0$0
Proper Role of Government Action Fund$0$0
Coastal Florida's Future PAC$0$0
Unity 2012$0Liberal$0
Restoring America Project$0$0
Citizens for Good Government$0$0
People for Creating Sustainable Jobs in $0$0
Young Democrats of America$0Liberal$0
Restoring America$0$0
Veterans for Liberty Super PACsupports Paul $0Conservative$0
Grassroots for Libertysupports Paul $0Conservative$0
Independence Virginia PAC$0Conservative$0
Citizens for Conservative Leadership$0Conservative$0
Inland Empire Taxpayers for Jobs$0$0
American Values$0Liberal$0
I Ride Inside - The Pets Against Romney opposes Romney $0Liberal$0
Dogs Against Romneyopposes Romney $0Liberal$0
We the People for a Constitutional Ameri$0$0
Accomplish Our Missionsupports Romney $0Conservative$0
Now or Never PAC$0$0
Freedom Fund for America's Future$0$0
Parents Against Child Access to Pornogra$0$0
Central Valley PAC$0$0
Voice of Freedom Super PAC$0Conservative$0
We Believe USA$0$0
The Wednesday Morning Conservatives$0Conservative$0
Neutralizing Force$0$0
Peeps PAC$0$0
Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Yesterd$0$0
DogPACopposes Romney $0Liberal$0
Thank You Citizen's United! Super PAC$0$0
A Better Congress PACsupports Herrera $0Liberal$0
Friends of Traditional Banking$0$0
Mitt is Mean-The Animal Lovers Against Ropposes Romney $0Liberal$0
Democracy Stewards Super PAC$0$0
Bluegrass Votes Super PAC$0$0
Freedom PAC$0$0
Freedom Pioneers Action Network$0Conservative$0
Prosperity First$0$0
Pro-Life Super PAC$0Conservative$0
The People's SuperPAC$0$0
Citizens Against the Peripheral Canal/Ot$0$0
Americans for Growth, Opportunity and Pr$0$0
Twelve Is Enough Super PAC$0$0
Just Drink the Koolaid$0$0
American Promise PAC$0$0
Citizens Benighted PAC$0$0
Putting America First$0$0
Freedom of Web$0$0
Vietnamese American PAC$0$0
Carpenter's Dist. Council/KC & Vicinity$0Liberal$0
Texas Strategic Alliance PACsupports Romney $0Conservative$0
Texans for Action PAC$0$0
Arizona for Liberty$0$0
Environmental Action$0$0
New Virginia PAC$0$0
Students Winning American Government$0$0
American Latino Alliance$0$0
National Right to Life Victory Fund$0Conservative$0
Freedom Trail Action Network$0Conservative$0
Freedom Plains Action Network$0Conservative$0
Taxpayer Network$0$0
Advancing Manufacturing & Industry in Am$0$0
Protect Alaska's Future$0$0
Republican Truth Squadsupports Romney $0Conservative$0
2010 Leadership Council$0Liberal$0
50 State Strategy$0Liberal$1,695
A Promise to Our Children$0Conservative$325
Accountability 2010$0Liberal$598
Action 4 Liberty$0Conservative$0
AFL-CIO Workers' Voices PAC$0Liberal$3,706,497
Alaskans Standing Together$0Conservative$8,337
Alliance to Protect Taxpayers$0Liberal$0
America Get Up$0Conservative$31,720
America Votes Action Fund$0Liberal$927,135
America's Families First Action Fund$0Liberal$160,373
America's Next Generation$0$36,708
America's President Committee$0Conservative$124,343
America's Super Alliance PAC$0$0
American Bridge 21st Century$0Liberal$3,729,559
American Citizens of Modest Means$0$0
American Conservative Union$0Conservative$4,556
American Crosswinds$0$0
American Dental Assn$0$18
American Freedom & Growth$0$0
American Legacy Alliance$0Conservative$2,226
American Pheonix Super PAC$0$0
American Working Familiessupports Warren $0Liberal$292
Americans for a Better Tomorrow Today$0Liberal$1,080
Americans for a Better Way Forward$0$100,000
Americans for New Leadership$0Conservative$18,113
Arizonans Working Together$0Conservative$0
Article II Super PAC$0Conservative$4,321
Blue America PAC$0Liberal$2,084
Cain Connections PACsupports Cain $0Conservative$50,000
California Association of Physician Grou$0$40,000
Campaign for American Values$0Conservative$423,100
CARMEN'S List$0Liberal$5,228
CAs for Fiscally Conservative Leadership$0Conservative$1
CatholicVote.org Candidate Fund$0Conservative$100
CAUSE PAC$0Liberal$1,540
Chase Bank Customers Super PAC$0Conservative$0
Christians United$0$0
Christine PAC$0Conservative$299,362
Citizens Alliance for Better Candidates$0$0
Citizens for Economic & Natl Security$0Conservative$1
Citizens for Strength & Security$0Liberal$74,944
Citizens Protest Non Profit$0Liberal$35,815
Citizens United$0Conservative$6,577
Club for Growth Advocacy$0Conservative$0
Cmte to Elect Effective Valley Congressmsupports Berman $0Liberal$1,000
Cmte for a New Start in the Right Direct$0$0
Coalition for American Values$0Conservative$50,000
Coalition to Protect American Values$0Conservative$0
Concerned Taxpayers of America$0Conservative$0
Congressional Leadership Fund$0Conservative$130,604
Conservative National Committee$0Conservative$100
Conservative Victory$0Conservative$0
Conservatives for Truth$0Conservative$627
CREDO Super PAC$0Liberal$567,690
Downtown for Democracy$0Liberal$3,498
Draft Christie For President$0Conservative$5,680
Economic Innovation Action Fund$0Liberal$210,000
Economic Strategy Group$0$0
Efficient America$0Liberal$555
Emergency Cmte for Israel$0Conservative$18,278
Ending Spending Fund$0Conservative$0
Environment Colorado Action Cmte$0Liberal$2,500
Faith Family Freedom Fund$0Conservative$222,219
Bank of America Customers Super PAC$0Conservative$0
Feel the Heat PAC$0$0
Florida Freedom & Growth$0Conservative$0
Florida Is Not for Sale$0Liberal$0
Frack Action USA$0$0
Freedom & Liberty PACsupports Johnson $0Conservative$0
Freedom Born$0$100
Freedom Frontier Action Fund$0Conservative$100
Freedom Path Action Network$0Conservative$100
Friends for a Democratic White House$0Liberal$0
Global Diaspora PAC$0$0
Government Integrity Fund$0$0
Grow PAC$0Conservative$21,497
Heartland Revolution Citizens Fund$0Liberal$63,680
Human Rights Campaign Equality Votes$0Liberal$0
indyamericans.comopposes Perry $0Liberal$1,813
JAN PAC$0$21,912
Jobs for Floridasupports Perry $0Conservative$0
Jobs For Iowasupports Perry $0Conservative$136,000
Jobs for South Carolinasupports Perry $0Conservative$0
LA Forward$0$5,000
Social Security Administration Employees$0Conservative$0
League of Conservation Voters$0Liberal$160,672
Let Freedom Ring America PAC$0Conservative$11,000
Lincoln Club of Orange County IE Cmte$0Conservative$0
Louisiana Truth PAC$0Liberal$15,250
Lunch Pail Republicans Indep Expenditure$0Conservative$100,000
Majority Action$0Liberal$32
Middle Resolution$0Conservative$404,075
My America$0$36,410
National Assn of Realtors$0$844
National Republican Women's Cmte$0Conservative$4,709
Natl Nurses United 4 Patient Protection$0Liberal$0
NEA Advocacy Fund$0Liberal$510,951
New Hope PAC$0$0
New House Independent Expenditure Cmte$0$0
New Power PAC$0Liberal$18,572
No 2 Sides PAC$0$0
No Mercy PAC$0Conservative$365
Ohio State Tea Party$0Conservative$0
Ohioans for Opportunity$0Liberal$52,490
Our Future Ohio PAC$0Liberal$5,075
Our Voice$0Conservative$65,350
Parents for a Brighter Future$0$302
Partnership for America's Future$0Conservative$0
Patriot Majority PAC$0Liberal$10,947
Patriots Fund$0Conservative$20,500
Peach Tea PAC$0$551
People's Majority$0Conservative$0
Planned Parenthood Votes$0Liberal$1,053,519
Playoff PAC$0$16,157
President Downgrade$0$312
Progressive Kick$0Liberal$211,090
Protecting America's Retirees$0Liberal$6,153
Protecting Choice in California 2010$0Liberal$2,348
PURO PAC$0$222,933
Real Leader PAC$0$250,000
Rebuilding Americasupports Berman $0Liberal$20,000
Remove Weiner Support Ulrich$0Conservative$0
Renew Delawareopposes Carper $0Conservative$50,000
Republican Governors Assn Ohio$0Conservative$183,096
Republican Presidenital Elections Victor$0Conservative$0
Republican Super PAC$0Conservative$1,500
Restart Congress$0Conservative$0
Restore America's Voice PAC$0Conservative$31,278
Restore Our America$0Conservative$20,679
Restore Trust PAC$0$0
Secure Arizona PAC$0$100
Sierra Club Independent Action$0Liberal$0
Small Business Political Alliance$0Conservative$0
Solutions 2012supports Gingrich $0Conservative$64,107
Speak Out For America$0Conservative$19,171
Spirit of America Solutions$0Conservative$0
Stop Public Unions Now$0Conservative$31,609
Students, Mothers & Concerned Citizens$0$31,201
Super PAC for America$0Conservative$789,225
TEA PAC$0Conservative$100
Texans for America's Futureopposes Perry $0Conservative$125,000
Texas Tea Party Patriots PAC$0Conservative$305,418
The American Worker$0Liberal$112,713
Triple Crown Project$0$10,000
Trust In Small Business$0Conservative$64,149
United Food & Commercial Workers Advcy$0Liberal$0
Yale University Grads Super PAC$0Conservative$0
Hillary Clinton For A Better America Sup$0Conservative$0
Bill Clinton for a Better America Super $0Conservative$0
Alaska Natives Tribe Super PAC$0Conservative$0
Bloomingdale's Depart Store Customers Su$0Conservative$0
MLB Sports Players Super PAC$0Conservative$0
Regions Bank Customers Super PAC$0Conservative$0
USAID Employees Super PAC$0Conservative$0
United States Billionaires Super PAC$0Conservative$0
Harvard University Graduates Super PAC$0Conservative$0
State Farm Insurance Customers Super PAC$0Conservative$0
United States Dept of Commerce Employees$0Conservative$0
United Nations Diplomats Super PAC$0Conservative$0
Sears Department Store Customers Super P$0Conservative$0
Dick Cheney for a Better America Super P$0Conservative$0
American Indians Tribe Super PAC$0Conservative$0
Republican 2012 Presidential Candidates $0Conservative$0
United States Dept of Defense Employees $0Conservative$0
General Motors Customers Super PAC$0Conservative$0
AIG Insurance Customers Super PAC$0Conservative$0
United States Treasury Employees Super P$0Conservative$0
Amtrust Bank Customers Super PAC$0Conservative$0
United States Dept of Justice Super PAC$0Conservative$0
United States Dept of Energy Employees S$0Conservative$0
Allstate Insurance Customers Super PAC$0Conservative$0
United States HUD Employees Super PAC$0Conservative$0
Wells Fargo Bank Customers Super PAC$0Conservative$0
Marriott Hotel Customers Super PAC$0Conservative$0
American Airlines Customers Super PAC$0Conservative$0
Fidelity Investments Customers Super PAC$0Conservative$0
Costco Store Customers Super PAC$0Conservative$0
George W Bush For A Better America Super$0Conservative$0
United States Dept Of Health Employees S$0Conservative$0
Native Americans Tribe Super PAC$0Conservative$0
Wal-Mart Stores Customers Super PAC$0Conservative$0
Macy's Department Store Customers Super $0Conservative$0
Citibank Customers Super PAC$0Conservative$0
United States Dept of State Employees Su$0Conservative$0
United States DOT Employees Super PAC$0Conservative$0
Federal Reserve Bank Employees Super PAC$0Conservative$0
JC Penny Department Store Customers Supe$0Conservative$0
IRS Employees Super PAC$0Conservative$0
Democratic Presidential Elections Victor$0Conservative$0
USCIS Employees Super PAC$0Conservative$0
United States Dept Of Labor Employees Su$0Conservative$0
United States Dept of Interior Employees$0Conservative$0
Goldman Sachs Group Customers Super PAC$0Conservative$0
NBA Sport Players Super PAC$0Conservative$0
Westgate Resorts Customers Super PAC$0Conservative$0
NFL Sport Players Super PAC$0Conservative$0
American Red Cross Employees Super PAC$0Conservative$0
USDA Employees Super PAC$0Conservative$0
United States Dept Of Ed Employees Super$0Conservative$0
Suntrust Bank Customers Super PAC$0Conservative$0
United States DHS Employees Super PAC$0Conservative$0
Hilton Hotel Customers Super PAC$0Conservative$0
US Israel Friendship PAC$0Liberal$0
United States Transportation Technology $0$0
Valley-Israel Alliancesupports Berman $0Liberal$2,605
Veterans for Rick Perrysupports Perry $0Conservative$16,625
Virginia Tea Party Alliance$0Conservative$0
Vote Out Incumbents for Democracy$0Conservative$442
Voters for Common Sense$0$0
Voters for Justice$0Liberal$20,510
We Love USA PAC$0Conservative$0
We're Not Going Back$0Liberal$0
West Hollywood/Bev Hills Stonewall Dems$0Liberal$0
WOLF PAC$0Liberal$52,241
Working for Us PAC$0Liberal$2,911
Working for Working Americans$0Liberal$0
Young Republicans for a Better Florida$0Conservative$2,105
Young Voters$0Conservative$0
Your America$0
Based on data released by the FEC on Monday, April 9, 2012 — Feel free to distribute or cite this material, but please credit the Center for Responsive Politics. For permission to reprint for commercial uses, such as textbooks, contact the Center [Center for Responsive Politics.] http://www.opensecrets.org/pacs/superpacs.php?cycle=2012


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