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Saturday, June 22, 2013

World Bank like global war-making “humanitarians”

Create poverty claiming to eliminate it

Kill women and children while claiming to liberate them from those "other" barbarians
From whistleblower’s tale of high crimes unchecked, unprosecuted 
Edited excerpts by Carolyn Bennett

In the character of Dominique Strauss-Kahn-IMF ilk

The Kahn was a Nicolas Sarkozy-man set up as managing director of the International Monetary Fund who had time in his job to assault a hotel worker. DSK was never prosecuted for his crimes but in disgrace, he resigned amidst mounting sexual assault charges in the United States and France.

As IMF so goes the World Bank: power abused absolutely  
Whistle blower rises amidst high crimes
Former WB Senior Counsel Karen Hudes does some research on the World Bank and finds that 

 …there are 43,000 Trans-National Corporations that control nearly everything and

…these corporations are merged together into Conglomerate: a Super Entity.

…this Super Entity controls 40 percent of the Net Worth of Publically Traded Corporations and 60 percent of the Net Earnings on the Capital Markets through their Interlocking Directorships.

udes appeared this week on RT’s “Breaking the Set” program. As whistleblower, she has given several interviews recently with audio and video programs. She charges the WORLD BANK with CORRUPTION TOP TO BOTTOM.

Leading into his interview with Yale-graduated lawyer Karen Hudes, Jason Liosatos says she “was arrested and fired after exposing and whistle blowing the terrible corruption at the highest levels in The World Bank, massive corruption that threatens to crash the whole financial system and bring humanity to its knees.” In the interview they cover

…the Governments and refusal to give Germany its gold, the IMF, Dominique Strauss-Khan, the arrogance and thuggery and some of the shocking activities that go on in the higher echelons of the corrupted casino-like banking system ─

…mostly unnoticed by the trusting populace, unpunished by the laws, and ignored by mainstream media who are government and corporate mouthpieces
Obama government
Corporate Cabal
 attack people who
Expose Crimes

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and the U.S. government (in a constant pattern of killing the messenger) are targeting Karen Hudes, Liosatos said, but “her spotlight of truth and justice continues to expose the disease and crookedness within a system that deems itself immune even to their own laws”; a system in which people seem “to operate without ethics, empathy or morals.  When truth is enemy to a system, the system is inherently corrupt.”  

ith Jim Fetzer, Karen Hudes wrote “The World Bank: Rejecting ‘The Rule of Law’” published this year in March at Veterans Today

“The proverb (is): ‘What you don’t know can’t hurt you” (in the 1576 original: ‘So long as I know it not, it hurteth mee not’)

“But the opposite is true:  Unpleasant hidden truths do the most harm.  The best way to fight corruption is to expose it. 

“Think of the World Bank as ENRON.” … [Karen Hudes writes]

Karen Hudes
exposes crimes 
During the World Bank and IMF Annual Meetings last October, with the encouragement of Karen Hudes, the Development Committee informed World Bank President Jim Yong Kim of the need for ‘a more open, transparent and accountable World Bank Group.’ Reasons motivating the request were disturbing developments: 
  • The World Bank has disregarded the Joint Economic Committee’s 2005 inquiry into the World Bank’s “corporate governance irregularities” and “accounting problems”; 

  • The World Bank has failed to follow the Joint Economic Committee’s advice that professional financial and accounting employees be given independent access to the World Bank’s Board and its Audit Committee; 

  • The World Bank has failed to protect [Karen] Hudes against retaliation for challenges of illegality or other misconduct through external arbitration pursuant to the 2005 Lugar-Leahy amendment, which could threaten its mission; 

  • The World Bank has stonewalled Senator Lugar’s and Congressman Van Hollen’s four requests for the advice of the executive search firm following Hudes’ disclosure of internal control lapses; 

  • The World Bank has refused to comply with the Government Accountability Office inquiry into corruption requested by Senators Lugar, Leahy and Bayh for more than three years; 

  • Congress has reiterated its request for the GAO inquiry during hearings on the World Bank capital increase, with which it has yet to comply;  and, 

World Bank President
Jim Yong Kim
  • Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner misrepresented progress on World Bank reform in his 11/21/12 report to the Appropriations Committees pursuant to § 7082 of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2012.

Former Minister of 
War making Clinton
Commander of War 
Head of World Bank Kim
However into 2013 the Obama-appointed World Bank President Kim 

…has refused to tackle the corruption and has had Hudes locked out of the World Bank’s headquarters. 

On March 19, 2013, (Karen Hudes) reported to the World Bank, informing Allied Barton’s security personnel that (she) was duly reinstated by the shareholders of the World Bank.  Allied Barton illegally denied (her) a  
security badge. 

In violation of federal, state, and international securities laws, the World Bank has attempted to intimidate the World Bank’s Board members
team of whistleblowers disclosed this corruption and lawlessness to state governors, attorneys general, and chief justices of state supreme courts. 

U.S. Congressional Republicans and Democrats have tried to expose the corruption to the American public by calling for an inquiry by the Government Accountability Office.  The UK and EU Parliaments have also published testimony and held hearings on the corruption. State authorities together with NATO and other allies are attempting to prevent the corruption from lowering the U.S. credit rating and causing a currency war between nations.

If all the money that is stolen and by other means poured into the pockets of a few mostly men in corporate religion and state and media and business, a few who command the bombs, control the money, and hold inordinate power and influence; if all this money were left in the pockets, returned to those who labor ─ there would be no poverty in the world. It would end today.

War and corruption, either or, are the creators of want. Without them, there would be plenty for all. 


“The poor” is a notion, a phenomenon manufactured by those who with the help of mass media, distort reality and take more than their share of everything ─ all the while claiming humanitarianism. Well, if what these moguls have done is humanitarian, they are speaking in tongues alien to the rest of us; and we the world’s majorities should want no part of it.     

Sources and notes

Attorney Karen Hudes holds a J.D. degree from Yale University and masters (M.Phil.) in economics from the University of Amsterdam. Because of her efforts to expose corruption and reaffirm the rule of law in the form of appropriate standards of accounting, she was removed from her position as Senior Counsel for the World Bank [ref. Jim Fetzer] http://www.veteranstoday.com/2013/03/27/the-world-bank-rejecting-the-rule-of-law/

Excerpting from the same article by Karen Hudes (with Jim Fetzer) “The World Bank: Rejecting ‘The Rule of Law’ adds more details to this emerging story
Avalon is an Investigative Journalist and Strategist working for Intellihub.com,


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“Corruption / World Bank Exposed:  Interview “– http://OneRadioNetwork.com
Karen Hudes – http://kahudes.net

“Karen Hudes – World Bank Stakeholders: The World Bank: Rejecting ‘The Rule of Law’” “Karen Hudes – Blowing the Whistle on the World Bank”

“Karen Hudes, Former World Bank Attorney, Exposes Control by Global Banking of the World Bank, Corporations and the Media,”

“WASHINGTON, DC – MARCH 23: U.S. President Barack Obama announces the nomination of Dartmouth College President Jim Yong Kim for president of the World Bank. Kim, as a Korean-born physician reportedly prominent in global health circles, was seen as a surprise pick.

Karen Hudes also appeared this week on RT’s “Breaking the set” program] World Bank Attorney Whistle Blower Karen Hudes Interview with Jason Liosatos, http://www.blogtalkradio.com/globalpeaceradio/2013/06/09/karen-hudes-interview-1



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