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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Atrocious “best and brightest”: U.S. foreign relations

“Idiotic foreign policy of the USA” Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey Saturday at Pravda Ru
Excerpt, editing, brief comment by Carolyn Bennett

cathing no-punches-pulled indictment of U.S. leadership attempting to pull the wool over the eyes of the world ─ we can and we must do better.

From a people self-styled world’s “best and brightest”

“Washington appears caught in the grip of an outdated, anachronistic and puerile, vapid, shallow foreign policy-making outfit controlled by intellectually limited political freaks of yesteryear, pandering to the whims of the lobbies that control them, insulting the collective intelligence of humankind and using lies to justify their evil plans,” Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey minces no words.

“… [I]f the United States of America has such excellent schools of higher education,” he writes,  “and if the USA produces such excellent scholars ─ why does the country pursue such a puerile, shallow, anachronistic, outdated and idiotic foreign policy?”
United States
War against the world

Wikipedia note: Barack Hussein Obama, Chicago politician, 44th U.S. President, graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School (president of the Harvard Law Review); taught constitutional law at University of Chicago Law School.

Columbia-Harvard-Chicago Pedigree

Bancroft-Hinchey looks at U.S. foreign relations havoc (demonizing, destabilizing, manufacturing evidence, attacking from air, land and sea) being wreaked on the world (on Somalia, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the whole region of the Middle East and South Central Asia not to mention eastern Asia, and the 192-member state United Nations) and asks: Is President Obama “stupid? Does he think his people (Americans) are stupid? Or is he a barefaced liar?”

Latest actions

After constant, failed attempts to (paint) the Government of Syria, specifically “the Government of President Bashar al Assad ─ which has the support of roughly 70 percent of the Syrian people, more than U.S. President Obama and UK Prime Minister Cameron combined ─ as an ‘evil regime’, the USA (under President Obama’s leadership) has again resorted to “lying”: producing “images from April” (making claims “based footage of anti-Assad terrorists lying in beds with shaving foam around their mouths, eyes blinking and alert, holding their heads and writhing around slowly”) and declaring “that the Syrian Government had used Sarin gas.”
Pro-Assad rally

Critical omissions

“…What Washington does not say,” Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey writes, “is that ─

…the anti-Assad (30 percent) faction contains increasing numbers of al-Qaeda operatives, as was the case in Iraq and Libya.

…What Washington does not say is that arming the terrorists would escalate the conflict.

Syrians protest
Foreign interference
…What Washington does not say is that NATO is providing support for the terrorists to operate through Turkey.

“How many more (terrorists is the U.S. president) going to fund to murder?” he asks.

Remembering NATO’s cold-blooded murder of President Muammar al Qaddafi’s grandchildren, he asks “How many more Syrian families (is the U.S. president) going to destroy?”

What Change?

“…Who said ‘Change’?” Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey makes his summation. “The man is a traitor to his word, an insult to humankind, and a very bad example of a Nobel Peace Prizewinner. Let this be his (living) political epitaph:

He manages to be even worse than (the 43rd U.S. President, George W) Bush.

Sources and notes

“The Idiotic foreign policy of the USA by Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey, June 15, 2013,

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey Pravda.Ru
Copyright © 1999-2013, PRAVDA.Ru. “Opinions and views of the authors do not always coincide with the point of view of PRAVDA.Ru’s editors.”

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Journalist Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey is director of PRAVDA.Ru Portuguese version and MoscowTopNews.com; editor of the English version of the Russian online journal Pravda.Ru and director and chief editor of the Portuguese version, which serves simultaneously as an online news resource linking Russia with the eight Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP) and as a source of news among the CPLP member states. http://www.xing.com/net/moscow/please-introduce-yourself-stellen-sie-sich-bitte-vor-3976/hi-i-am-timothy-bancroft-hinchey-director-of-pravda-ru-portuguese-version-and-moscowtopnews-com-23645307/23645307/#23645307


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