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Saturday, April 27, 2013


U.S. in Iraq
Politicians’ dangerous, consistent inconsistency

Excerpt, minor edit for TIN by Carolyn Bennett

From the author of The Newest Explosions of Terrorism: Latest Sites of Terrorism in the 90s and Beyond; and Strategic Terror: the politics and ethics of aerial bombardment

Beau Grosscup spoke this week with FAIR's "CounterSpin" and soon after the Boston Marathon incident, he discussed the politically convenient and dangerously irresponsible, loose labeling “TERRORISM.”

U.S. President Barack Obama, Beau Grosscup writes, first called the Boston Marathon incident “a ‘tragedy’” and after this labeling “was roundly criticized by the political right,” the president “a day later” declared the incident “‘an act of terrorism.’”
U.S. in Japan

What appears to be mere semantics, Grosscup continues, “are real power politics at work.”

oston bombing facts

The FBI says it does not know who was responsible or how many were involved.

The FBI defines ‘terrorism’ as ‘the unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof in furtherance of political or social objectives’; but then adds the operational criteria that for an act to be called terrorism a conspiracy of two or more must be established.

“In the past,” Grosscup says, “this definitional requirement has allowed the FBI to say ─

Domestic violence directed at the family planning community, black churches, LGBT community, environmentalists is not terrorism because they cannot find a conspiracy of two or more people.

U.S. left in Iraq
Yet, to the FBI, the Unabomber, a lone individual, was a terrorist.

“In short,” he comments, “the Boston bombing is only the latest example of the CONSISTENT INCONSISTENT application of the terrorism label for political purposes.”

Political convenience: Mind-Managing the masses

he says, “is such a politically emotive concept that politicians around the world use it or not when they consider it politically convenient to do so.

“In the current contrived ideological context of ‘WE DON’T DO TERRORISM, OTHERS (THEY) DO’   -- add the voice of President Barack Obama.

chemical weapons political consistent inconsistency  

oday’s news

U.S. in Afghanistan
Civilian, children dead
“U.S., allies setting stage for Iraq-like invasion of Syria,” Press TV reporting: “The United States and its allies are stepping up pressure on Syria by accusing Damascus of using chemical weapons against foreign-backed militants.

U.S. in Middle East
families destroyed
refugees flooding region
“Analysts believe that the war rhetoric against Syria is very similar to the media propaganda launched by the U.S. and its allies ahead of the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

“On Friday, the U.S. President Barack Obama claimed the world cannot stand by and permit the use of chemical weapons in Syria, calling for an investigation into the issue,” April 27, 2013, http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2013/04/27/300562/us-allies-setting-stage-against-syria/

Syrian minister responds

“U.S., UK chemical arms claim barefaced lie,” Press TV reporting: “Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zohbi says claims by the U.S. and Britain that Damascus may have used chemical weapons against foreign-backed militants are a ‘barefaced lie.’

U.S. in Vietnam
“‘First of all, I want to confirm that statements by the U.S. Secretary of State [John Kerry] and British government are inconsistent with reality and a barefaced lie,’ Zohbi told Russia Today (RT) television network on Saturday.”

He added

Might makes right
Global domination
‘I want to stress one more time that Syria would never use it [chemical weapons] -- not only because of its adherence to the international law and rules of leading war, but because of humanitarian and moral issues.’

“The remarks came after the U.S., Israel and Britain claimed that the Syrian government may have used chemical weapons against the militants. Zohbi, however, accused anti-Damascus militants of using chemical weapons.” April 27, 2013, http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2013/04/27/300549/us-uk-chemical-arms-claim-mere-lie/

Sources and notes

Beau Grosscup

A college professor in International Relations (U.S. Foreign Policy, Politics of Terrorism, Political Economy of Post-Industrial Societies), Beau Grosscup is author of The Newest Explosions of Terrorism: Latest Sites of Terrorism in the 90s and Beyond; and Strategic Terror: the politics and ethics of aerial bombardment

He took his doctorate in International Relations at the University of Massachusetts (Amherst) and his research has focused on contemporary terrorism (Cluster Munitions and State Terror and militarization of North American society), http://chicowiki.org/Beau_Grosscup

Beau C. Grosscup is a member of Political Science faculty of California State University – Chico, http://webapps.csuchico.edu/directory/people/bgrosscup

“Beau Grosscup on Defining Terrorism, Hugh Kaufmann on Texas Explosion,” http://fair.org/counterspin-radio/beau-grosscup-on-defining-terrorism-hugh-kaufmann-on-texas-fertilizer-explosion/ Linked on CounterSpin April 23, 2013, “Use of Terrorism," Institute for Public Accuracy (4/17/13), http://www.accuracy.org/release/use-of-terrorism/

“Use of ‘Terrorism,’” April 17, 2013 (BEAU GROSSCUP, bgrosscup at csuchico.edu), http://www.accuracy.org/release/use-of-terrorism/


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