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Monday, April 15, 2013

Hoffman mourns passing of academic freedom, marketplace of ideas

Lost Liberty returns reluctantly if at all.

America’s determined regression against the common good
Excerpt, minor edit by Carolyn Bennett

David Hoffman ends his “Lies live forever” today at Pravda Ru

“Throughout its history, the United States has progressed and prospered thanks to the Constitution’s encouragement of a ‘marketplace of ideas.’

“More often than not, this marketplace has been replete with the studies, hypotheses, theories, opinions and polemics of academics.”

However, today, “thanks to the University of Colorado’s firing of Professor Ward Churchill, every tenured professor in America ─ and especially those labeled or considered to be ‘liberal’ or ‘leftist’ ─ will be hesitant to express anything that could remotely be construed as ‘controversial.’

And the chances that non-tenured professors will fill this void have been significantly reduced by academia's increasing reliance on poorly paid adjunct (part-time) instructors.
Professor Ward Churchill

…Since many of these adjuncts hope to eventually obtain full-time positions, there is an even greater reluctance for them to say or do anything that would impede their opportunity for advancement.

“Perhaps the greatest hypocrisy in the Churchill case is ─ to express their alleged ‘outrage’ over Churchill’s ‘Eichmann’ analogy ─ his opponents demonstrated little compunction about employing Nazi style tactics themselves:

Generating hysteria that favored emotion over reason;
Scapegoating Churchill to intimidate all academics labeled or considered to be ‘liberal’ or ‘leftist’; and
Disseminating ‘great lies’ to promote political agendas

“It should come as no surprise that the people who present the greatest obstacle to the success of these tactics are the intellectuals and thus there is the greatest incentive for a corrupt power structure to silence them.
s the diversity of hypotheses, theories, opinions, and polemics that once provoked intellectual thought and discussion vanish from America’s marketplace of ideas, all that will remain are the regurgitation(s) of whatever propaganda powerful corporations, university officials, and self-serving right-wing media choose to feed the masses.

“And America will be weaker because of it.”

Lost Liberty returns reluctantly if at all

Perhaps one day, “as has often happened in the past, the remedial eyes of history will comprehend the extent of tyranny and injustice the University of Colorado and America’s legal system have unleashed upon the land; and then denounce those responsible as the mendacious and myopic reprobates that they are.

“However, by then, the damage done to the people and the nation might never be undone. This is the worst tyranny and injustice of all.”

Sources and notes

Hoffman began his article “Lies live forever”

“There’s been a horrific death in America ─ an assassination actually. But don’t count on the assassins ever being punished, not in this world at least. Instead they are undoubtedly gloating, ‘high-fiving’ each other and laughing about the magnitude of their crime.

“These criminals include mendacious officials from the University of Colorado (UC), judges that occupy or have occupied seats in the State of Colorado’s corrupt legal system and the so-called ‘justices’ on the equally corrupt United States Supreme Court. Together they have murdered one of the most precious commodities America once had to offer ─ academic freedom.

“The U.S. Supreme Court joined this corrupt cabal when it recently denied certiorari (cert.) by refusing to hear Ward Churchill’s appeal challenging his unjust firing from UC. Although I have written extensively about Churchill’s case in several other Pravda.Ru articles (“A Tale of Two Academics, Parts I and II,” June 17 and 18, 2009; “Boycott CU, TT and UCB”, October 27, 2009; and “Ward Churchill: The Lie Lives On,” November 29, 2010, to name a few) ─ for those who may have missed them, I will repeat the fundamental facts.

“Churchill was a tenured professor of ethnic studies at UC. Academic tenure is (or more accurately ‘was’) designed to protect professors from economic retaliation for engaging in controversial studies, or expressing controversial hypotheses, theories, opinions, and/or polemics.

“In 2001, Churchill wrote a controversial essay that essentially blamed America’s foreign policy and the exploitative nature of global capitalism for provoking the September 11, 2001 attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center. In doing so, he referred to some of the 9/11 victims as ‘little Eichmanns,’ a reference to the infamous Nazi leader Adolf Eichmann.

“The essay remained largely unnoticed until 2005 when Churchill was scheduled to speak at a college in upstate New York.

“It was then that the self-serving right-wing media ─ who have no compunction about using the United States Constitution’s protections of ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘press’ to promote their own agendas ─ demanded Churchill’s firing.

“Soon opportunistic and demagogic politicians such as Colorado’s then-governor Bill Owens joined the chorus with some Colorado lawmakers ─ even threatening to withhold funding from UC…” 

Professor Churchill was fired. He sued and appealed but the actions of power were stayed. Hoffman writes:

At first glance it seems strange that America’s legal system, which was supposedly created to protect the rights and freedoms enshrined in the Constitution, would be one of the primary instigators of their destruction.

Read the full article: “Lies live forever,” David R. Hoffman, Legal Editor of Pravda.Ru, April 15, 2013, http://english.pravda.ru/opinion/feedback/15-04-2013/124276-lies-0/


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