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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Grandmother needs multi-round semi-automatic or Caring Community?

Semi-automatic pistol

America’s act-attack-react-attack-react distraction obscures community void
By Carolyn Bennett

This commentary was prompted by an unchallenged news clip quoting a “right-to-bear-arms” ideologue championing magazine-fed multiple-munitions assault weapons for a grandmother. I happen to believe we have a crisis that is real and far deeper than the current convenient politicians’ pageant. Americans and their best-loved mass media and politicians, lunging from crisis to crisis, regularly commit a SHOW that blinds to underlying causes which precede and drive an endless experience of and engagement in violence.

What is remarkable to me is that news reports make “remarkable” what is not or should not be remarkable; and within their “making-of-heroes moments” is a glimpse into an underlying, complex, corrosive problem.  

Right paranoia
Right to kill
t should not be “remarkable” (newsworthy), as several news reports had it this week, that people helped one another during the Boston Marathon incident. That is what “community” does as a Caring Community. That’s what human beings do ─ should do ─ by virtue of their shared humanity.  

A man saying (as I understood this item in a related though not linked Pacifica news report) that a “66-year-old grandmother needs a several-round magazine to bring down a “villain” is to beg the question: Why would a 66-year-old, or for that matter, a 6-year-old, need lethal defense, worse still, why a military-style weapon?

Wikipedia note: military and police forces use semi-automatic pistols due to their high magazine capacities (10 to 17 or, in some cases, over 25 rounds of ammunition) and ability to rapidly reload by simply removing the empty magazine and inserting a loaded one.

An automatic rifle is a magazine-fed firearm, wielded by a single infantryman, which is chambered for rifle cartridges and capable of automatic fire.
Under threat
Afghanistan's children

he SHOW being staged in the United States by the “right to keep and bearers” and the “background checkers” and those clouding underlying issues with talk of filtering out “mentally ill” people from the “keeper and bearers fail to ask the “why” of mental illness. Even more, they fail to see the connection between violence and violence or to connect insanity and criminality with insanity and criminality.

They fail to factor in U.S. government officials’ constant engagement in and ordering of (what the FOX twitter twitted out loud, what other media and government act out) torture, indefinite detention, and murder of Muslims, Arabs, and varieties of peoples of color.

No Land an Island
No People Apart
Caring Community
or not
Local - Global
Absence of “Community” 

Instead of having a kindly presence in local community, instead of doing nonviolent investigation and intelligence within the United States and/or abroad, law enforcement and intelligence agencies threaten people, detain people, kill people – based solely on how people look or what their age is or appears to be, whom they associate with ─ without any recourse to the rule of law and human rights convention, without presentation of evidence, outside processes of prosecution and ruling at trial.

hat is remarkable (and unremarked by mass media) is that, far and wide ─ from local neighborhoods to foreign relations ─ there is the very opposite of community (Caring Community): there is violence, aggression, belligerence; the casting of blame, demonization, provocation, contrived divisiveness. This is the nature of contemporary relations within and between the United States and world nations and peoples.

Unlawful, endless detention 
Thus, the actors in this right-to-keep-and-bear-background-checker-magazine-rounds SHOW can make the ludicrous argument unchallenged by media: that a 66-year-old (or even a 6-year-old) needs lethal limitless-round magazine weaponry to bring down a “villain,” “terrorist,” “housebreaker,” or whatever happens to be media and politicians’ current prop. 

Presence of “Community”

A shared sensibility, deep internalized feeling for the common good, regardless to and inclusive of individual difference ─ this is what I mean by community or the core value from which a sense of “Caring Community” rises.

The people of the United States need to learn a character of “Caring Community” ─ not feigned and captured with camera rolling but as an every-day way of being.

Government in the United States (local to federal) needs to care nonviolently for its own people: ensure good health care of all kinds (mental and physical); good care facilities instead of medical marketplaces trafficking drugs and high-tech machinery; good jobs, meaningful work; good schools and engaging educational experiences, not business-modeled degree mills, Internet agencies dispensing idiots, robots and bloodthirsty “Clinton-Bush-Obama-esque Ivy Leaguers” ─ Speaking of “heinous.”

f official and unofficial Americans practiced befriending, accepting difference, seeking understanding of difference and of underlying issues instead of knee-jerk acting, attacking and reacting, contriving lies and fueling hatred and bias, attacking and reacting ─   we would not be wasting another half century or more engaging in an endless string of distractions.

Pageantry in rights or not to “bear arms,” “bear children,” “bear the burden of marriage” or “bear up under the cruelty of religionists” ─ as real suffering goes unchecked, uncared for: the environment worsened by powerful deniers of scientific inquiry; people dying of preventable diseases, suffering homelessness and the perils and consequences of endless war and conflict.

Sources and notes

Wikipedia on guns

By the end of the 20th century, most handguns carried regularly by military, police and civilians were semi-automatic, although revolvers were still widely used.

Semi-automatics, Revolvers

Generally speaking, military and police forces use semi-automatic pistols due to their high magazine capacities (10 to 17 or, in some cases, over 25 rounds of ammunition) and ability to rapidly reload by simply removing the empty magazine and inserting a loaded one.

Revolvers are very common among handgun hunters because revolver cartridges are usually more powerful than similar caliber semi-automatic pistol cartridges (which are designed for self-defense) and the strength, simplicity and durability of the revolver design is well-suited to outdoor use. … Both designs are common among civilian gun owners, depending on the owner’s intention (self-defense, hunting, target shooting, competitions, collecting, etc.).


A clip is a device that is used to store multiple rounds of ammunition together as a unit, ready for insertion into the magazine or cylinder of a firearm. This speeds up the process of loading and reloading the firearm as several rounds can be loaded at once, rather than one round being loaded at a time.


An automatic rifle is a magazine-fed firearm, wielded by a single infantryman, which is chambered for rifle cartridges and capable of automatic fire.

German forces fielded the Sturmgewehr 44 during World War II, a light automatic rifle firing a reduced power ‘intermediate cartridge.’ This design became the model basis for the ‘assault rifle’ subclass of automatic weapons, as contrasted with ‘battle rifles’ which generally fire a traditional ‘full-power’ rifle cartridge.

Military and Assault rifles

The development behind firearms accelerated during the 1800s and 1900s. Breech-loading became more or less a universal standard for the reloading of most hand-held firearms and continues to be so with some notable exceptions (such as mortars).

Instead of loading individual rounds into weapons, magazines holding multiple munitions were adopted—these aided rapid reloading.

utomatic and semi-automatic firing mechanisms meant that a single soldier could fire many more rounds in a minute than a vintage weapon could fire over the course of a battle.

… More than any single factor, firearms have proliferated due to the advent of mass production—enabling arms manufacturers to produce large quantities of weaponry to a consistent standard.

Firearm Law  


In the U.K., firearms law generally prohibits the ownership of virtually all handguns and semi-automatic or repeating-action center-fire rifles, as well as machine guns, rocket launchers, grenades etc.

Rim-fire rifles such as .22s are generally legal, as are shotguns of any type provided the firearm cannot hold more than three rounds.

Legal possession of a firearm requires a Firearm Certificate or Shotgun Certificate (depending on the type of weapon).

Case law in the United Kingdom generally makes it a crime to cause the death of another person by any means, with little or no provision for justifiable homicide.

As such, firearms are kept primarily for sporting purposes including range shooting and hunting.


Western European nations tend to have more restrictions on gun ownership and use than Eastern European nations. One notable exception to this general trend, Switzerland, mandates the possession of a personal, government-issued firearm by members of the militia (typically males between 20 and 30).

Possession of a fully automatic firearm is prohibited in virtually all European countries except for members of the military/militia and collectors.

Middle East

In the Middle East, gun laws again vary, but are generally restrictive among Arab nations, with most countries banning civilian ownership of firearms.

Despite this, arms smuggling is rampant and black-market small arms, usually Russian-made, are bought and sold by various non-government organizations ranging from paramilitary groups to terrorist organizations.

Israel does not recognize the possession of firearms as a right, and requires a license for the possession of a gun; however, the circumstances in which one is eligible for a license are generally broader than most surrounding states. A license typically allows the holder to carry one handgun, in some cases a long gun, and residents in certain settlements such as the West Bank are issued firearms by the government and given civil defense training.

Central/South Asia

In most of central and southern Asia, firearms ownership is very tightly restricted.

In China, firearms ownership is generally prohibited, with certain exceptions made for government agents including the military, sport shooters and farmers.

Japan prohibits handguns entirely and long guns are restricted to shotguns and single-shot or semi-automatic rifles holding up to no more than five rounds within the magazine.

Fully automatic firearms are restricted to law enforcement and the Self-Defense Forces.



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