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Sunday, August 25, 2013

WMD MOMENT endlessly déjà vu

Madness incarnate
By Carolyn Bennett

Nothing is more illustrative of the fact that inbreeding (incest, entrenchment, nepotism, keeping company exclusively with a select few) breeds madness than U.S. global relations particularly with Asia, and acutely in this moment with the Near/Middle East, and with Africa.
In contemporary times, some of the most insane examples start with the film actor, Ronald REAGAN (U.S. president number 40, 1981-1989). Whether it is
Illegally arming “insurgents” (“rebels”, “militants”, “freedom fighters”, call them what you like, expediency changes the names) against rising political parties in Reagan's IRAN-CONTRA affair (the U.S. has continuously armed hostile elements against democratic governments and people’s struggles in the Americas); or

Former U.S. darling in Iraq
taken down
"taken out"
Forcing neo-liberal economics on a people as in the (1993-2001 Lewinskied) William Jefferson CLINTON/NATO war on Yugoslavia on a claim that Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic was “ethnically cleansing” Kosovar Albanians, a claim later altered to a U.S. war against Yugoslavia’s resistance to regional "liberalization" and deregulation of markets; or

U.S. soldiers in
chemical weapons gear
Birth defects in Iraqis
Overthrowing governments, bombing and looting cities and treasures, massacring and maiming and causing health defects in surviving men, women and children, even newborns (where were/where are the U.S. “right to lifers”?) in (George W. BUSH’s AFGHANISTAN/IRAQ and (Barack Hussein Obama’s LIBYA/SOMALIA/EGYPT/Sudan/Congo et.al., now arming, threatening, invading SYRIA, imposing deepening illegal sanctions warfare, inflicting lethal injury on Iranians for a nonexistent nuclear weapons industry); or  

U.S. drone attacks on AFGHANISTAN AND PAKISTAN and YEMEN and on the poorest of all, SOMALIA, as some of its people commit “piracy” on the high seas (as Palestinian youth throw rocks) in a desperate and  pathetic response to the nuclear-powered rich’s ageless, unending  pillaging and plundering of their land and peoples ─

The root, branch and driving force in all of these moments and the attending unspeakable cruelty have been U.S.-initiated, U.S.-led widely publicized propagandist falsehoods about nonexistent WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION pointed at the West, its “interests” and or “allies”, stories often manufactured out of whole cloth and wrapped in contrived urgency ─
…often against a “Noriega,” some former U.S. allied-dictator/strongman/warlord/drug lord turned U.S.-declared “demon” or demonic terrorist depressing “women” or “killing his own people”


Former U.S. darling
in the Americas
Manuel Noriega
U.S. education
U.S. force
U.S. surveillance
failure to care
for its own
just as U.S. invaders in their acts of foreign invasion and occupation not only kill and repress foreigners; they simultaneously criminally neglect, kill and repress “their own people” into submission to the will of war: the manufacturers, sellers and traffickers in the materiel of war; the makers of and lobbyists and propagandists for war, the warmongers, and the office-holding (incestuously entrenched nepotistic keepers-of-company-with a select few) inbreeds who perpetrate madness.

Chemical weapons on Iraqis


How much will it take?
How many lives must be lost before we toss the bums and their bombs out?

A bit of liberty with my apology to Dylan

U.S. neglect
destruction of
public education
How many times must cannon balls fly before they are forever banned?

How many deaths will it take ‘til we know too many people have died?

How many times must we look up before we see the sky?
How many ears must we have before we hear people cry?

How many years can a mountain exist before it’s washed to the sea?
How many times can we turn our heads pretending we do not see?
How many years can some people exist before they can be free?

Notes and news

“Blowin’ in the Wind” was written by Bob Dylan in 1962 and released on his album “The Freewheelin’” Bob Dylan in 1963. In 1994, the song was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame; in 2004 Rolling Stone magazine ranked it Number 14 in its list of the “500 Greatest Songs of All Time” [Wikipedia note]

Dylan’s complete lyrics as written reproduced at http://www.lyricsfreak.com/b/bob+dylan/blowin+in+the+wind_20021159.html
Syrians protest
foreign meddling

In today’s news from PressTV
The U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel today said the U.S. military was ready to take action against Syria if President Obama gave the green light to which Alexei Pushkov, head of the International Committee of Russia’s lower house of parliament, responded that the Obama government is

‘Inescapably moving towards war in Syria just like Bush was [moving] towards war in Iraq [and] Just like in Iraq, this war will not be legitimate and Obama will become a Bush clone.’

Syrians protest
foreign meddling
“Obama clones Bush in drive for war: Russian MP,” August 25, 2013, http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2013/08/25/320432/us-closer-to-war-in-syria-russia-mp/

According to a statement issued today by the Syrian Foreign Ministry

‘An agreement was concluded today in Damascus between the Syrian government and the United Nations during the visit of the UN High Representative for Disarmament Angela Kane.’

The accord would ‘allow the UN team led by Professor Aake Sellstroem to investigate allegations of chemical weapons use in Damascus Province… effective immediately.’

“Syria gives green light to UN chemical weapons team,” August 25, 2013, http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2013/08/25/320446/syria-allows-un-chemical-arms-probe/

“International opponents push for offensive in Syria: The international opponents of the Syrian government [France, Israel, U.S.] are pushing for an offensive against the Arab country under the pretext of an alleged chemical attack near the capital, Damascus.” August 25, 2013, http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2013/08/25/320433/syria-opponents-push-for-offensive/

“Potential U.S. military intervention in Syria suicidal: Analyst,” August 25, 2013, http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2013/08/25/320473/us-military-act-against-syria-suicidal/

Political analyst Webster Griffin Tarpley said yesterday in an interview with Press TV that given the “changed military landscape” surrounding Syria and “the presence of Russia on the side of Syria ... and the presence of Iran [and] other new powers,” the United States’

‘…constant adventurism that was criminal in 2003 [now becomes] suicidal adventurism’


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