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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

U.S. democracy eulogized awaits mass struggle, truly “new” leadership

Mass Struggle
U.S. and EU austerity
Joseph Kishore’s “Class issues in 2012 elections”
Excerpt, editing, re-reporting, commentary by Carolyn Bennett

Because of the “anti-democratic election laws” in the United States of America (often requiring tens of thousands of signatures just to get on the ballot), Kishore writes, Socialist Equality Party candidates for the U.S. presidency are blocked from full participation as a voter choice in today’s sham elections.

Socialist Equality Party candidates (president) Jerry White and (vice president) Phyllis Scherrer’s names appear on the ballot in only three U.S. states: Wisconsin, Colorado and Louisiana; and in several other states under “official write-in certification.”

Louisiana and Wisconsin: White and Scherrer on the ballot and identified as the candidates of the Socialist Equality Party.

Colorado: White and Scherrer’ names listed on the ballot with the party designation SEP, full name of the party not spelled out.

California: write-in procedure depends on whether you vote by mail or cast a ballot at the polls on November 6. White and Scherrer were included on a list of qualified write-in candidates made available October 26 to voters. (Other instructions apply)

Michigan: voters must write the names of the candidates on the ballot card in the space indicated for write-in candidates. Jerry White and Phyllis Scherrer are official write-in candidates and votes for them will be tabulated and reported by the state election division.

New York: the procedure for casting a write-in vote varies depending on whether your precinct has machines with mechanical levers or optical scanning.

Illinois: counting of write-in votes is a function of the county election authorities, not the states, votes for White and Scherrer will be recorded in Cook County and the city of Chicago; Dupage County (suburban Chicago); and Rock Island County.
Kentucky: write-in space appears on the ballot under the heading “President and Vice President of the United States.”  In all other states, supporters must write in the names of White and Scherrer as a “class conscious statement of support for the socialist alternative to the two parties of big business.”

Americans who bother to consider voting, millions don’t, seem caught up in a frenzy of Republican-Democratic tribalism as in the throes of some cult or religious madness and as such are blinded, blissfully oblivious, to loss of the whole critical establishment of law and liberty. 

The establishment of rights under law, the establishment of a more perfect union.  The establishment of liberty. The establishment of democracy ─ this republic for which we stand (or do not stand). 

A republic is not a tribal construct: Democratic, Republican; conservative, liberal; pink, brown; blue, red. These are the false flags in which the people, too many people, blindly cloak themselves.

Loss of faith in crucial institutions

At a level higher than the combined ballots cast for these Democratic and Republican candidates for the 2012 presidency, an astonishing “58 percent” of U.S. eligible voters will sit out today’s general election. This means that whoever wins will have been voted into office by less than one fourth of eligible voters. The shame of it all. This is not "democratic" either in process or participation (electorate or contenders).

Is it any wonder that a group calling itself “Attack the System,” referenced today in a Press TV story, holds the belief “that the existing U.S. system is basically illegitimate.”

ut Joseph Kishore’s thoughts are better articulated than mine. 

Veterans for Peace
“Under conditions of global economic crisis,” Kishore writes, United States militarism erupts and leads “inexorably to world war with catastrophic consequences.”

One piece of evidence of the undermining of the establishment of liberty and its possibility in democratic rights is that on this long, multi-million-dollar slog to Election Day, the exclusive Republican and Democratic Party candidates cleverly avoided discussing murder by remote: the U.S. government’s global policy of extra-judicial assassination of foreigners and U.S. citizens.

The officials in the government of the United States, Kishore writes, have “jettisoned the core democratic principle of due process” yet this fact never rose in the "debates"; and it “was virtually ignored by the media on the Right and on the Left.”

Moreover, he says, “by any objective legal standard, the president of the United States should be subject to impeachment proceedings—but his principal opponent and the entire media and political establishment are complicit in the crime.”

Mass Struggle
Wisconsin, USA
Layered crises awaiting mass struggle, incorruptible leadership

Mass Struggle
 “In the backdrop to these elections is a global crisis of capitalism,” Kishore writes. “All around the world, the corporations and banks are demanding that the working class accept a historic reversal in its living conditions.
Mass Struggle
Montreal, Canada

“Capitalism holds out to the population of the United States and the world a future of poverty, unemployment, war, dictatorship.”

Mass struggle “transformed into a conscious revolutionary movement against capitalism” is imperative, Kishore says. And for this to happen, truly new leadership must be born.  

Mass Struggle
Maybe the movement will begin taking shape after the frenzy. Kishore takes the view that the “ruling class” is delusional if it believes it can continue to pursue oppressive policies (globally and domestically) without provoking mass struggles. In fact, he observes, these struggles “have already begun to erupt.”

Sources and notes

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Today in 1860, Abraham Lincoln won election to the U.S. presidency.


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