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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Readers comment on “educator”-molester story

   Hiring parties “should be indicted” for complicity in crime ─ an old story should end
Edited by Carolyn Bennett

The comments following a school sexual abuse story caught my attention. These are the signed comments I read.

Indigenous Peoples

Predators in
CANADIAN (October 31, 2012):

“These abuses have not been on the rise as stated [in the news article]; they have happened for generations ─ just like when the Catholic Church took [indigenous people] from their homes after the British had invaded their country.

“They [church officials] abused the children. They assaulted the children. And they murdered the children....
Predators, gay bashing
Boy Scouts
“The abuse has to stop now!!!”

SONIA (October 31, 2012):

“This happens all the time here ─ and far worse.

“Values are upside down. Meanwhile, the United States wants to bring ‘civilization’ to the ‘Middle East.’ …

“The only thing considered wrong now in U.S. society is to call a thing wrong.”

LAURA (October 31, 2012):

“It is so sad to witness such bitter events in the world.…

“May all the people get healthy minds and stop committing crimes against each other.”

WAKE UP (October 31, 2012):

Scouts' honor?
“I think this is normal now for European peoples. Sexual corruption in European countries is normal. They think this is the life, and they have the right to enjoy their life ─ [regardless to whether what] they are doing is right or wrong…

“…People who are used by evil powers don’t know how they [are being] used by evil powers and how they are destroying their lives… I hope one day they [victims (?)] will stand up for their rights and not let this happen.”

STRAWMAN (October 31, 2012):


“This guy is a school principal? I am familiar with the old saying that you can’t judge a book by its cover but who in their right mind would hire a principal [who] looks like a gang member?

“Whoever did the hiring of this guy should be indicted as an accomplice.”
Etiwanda High School
tiwanda High School web link
“The Chaffey Joint Union High School District has partnered with School Loop…, an innovative communication tool designed to keep parents, students, teachers and staff connected.”

Mr. Tom Mitchell, Interim Principal
Update: 2012-2013 Etiwanda High School
13500 Victoria Avenue, Etiwanda, California 91739
(909) 899-2531 Phone | (909) 899-3661 Fax

Sexual Harassment 
Interim Principal’s message

“Greeting Parents, Students and the Etiwanda Community:  The school year began very smoothly and we could not be happier. Once again, Etiwanda High School has risen to the occasion and achieved academic success! 

…Regardless of the impending challenges, we will continue to provide the very best education for our students. We also value our parents and our community and extend hearty thanks for your support and dedication. Etiwanda High School is truly outstanding, not only because of our fine tradition of academic, athletic, and co-curricular success, but because our students and families truly care about our school. It is our sincere hope you have a wonderful year, GO EAGLES!” 

Bullying in school
Etiwanda’s interim principal’s page announces campaign against bullying

“Anti-Bullying Poster Contest: The Chaffey Joint Union High School District is hosting an Anti-Bullying Poster Contest. The purpose of this contest is to encourage and challenge students to use their creativity and artistic expression to show their peers that bullying is wrong, and it should not be ignored.

“The winning individual will be the one that creates the most engaging work of art that best communicates that bullying should not be tolerated and must be reported.”

church icon
tiwanda’s site publishes the school’s mission: “Etiwanda High School is dedicated to developing lifelong learners who positively contribute to their communities, to their families and to their own personal growth.”

Etiwanda High School Profile

Etiwanda (one of the eight comprehensive high schools in the Chaffey Joint Union High School District, in the incorporated community of Rancho Cucamonga, approximately 50 miles east of Los Angeles) opened in September 1982 with two classes and celebrated the first graduating class in 1985, now enrolls “approximately 3,100 students in grades nine through twelve.”

Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)
Principal: Brian Joseph, Ed. D.; Assistant Principals: Eric Danhof, Josh Cho, Gayle Ross;  Counselors: Walter Shelton A-Led 9th - 10th grade;  Tamia Thomas A-Flor 11th – 12th grade, AVID 11th and 12th;  Leah Boselli Lee-Z 9th - 10th grade; Stephanie Harkey Flos -Moz 11th – 12th grade, AVID 9th & 10th, EL;  Nadine Nelson SE/504;  Jacqui Campuzano Mu – Z 11th – 12th grade

School icon

opping today’s comments was of course the news story as reported by Press TV

The 38-year-old principal of Etiwanda High School in California’s San Bernardino County “has been detained for maintaining a sexual relationship” with one of the school’s female students, now former student, who was a minor when the alleged relationship began.

“Police detectives served a search warrant at the residence of [Etiwanda] School Principal Brian Garrett Joseph early Tuesday morning and took him into custody.”

The article ends: “Sexual offenses against young students and pre-school toddlers by teachers, administrators and caretakers have been on the rise in the United States in the past decade.”

Sources and notes


At Wikipedia: Etiwanda High School located 13500 Victoria Avenue, Rancho Cucamonga, California, 91739 “is accredited through the WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) and has been recognized as a California Distinguished High School.”

Public secondary school established in 1982; enrollment: 3,312, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Etiwanda_High_School

Press TV MFB/PKH: “U.S. school principal arrested for sexual abuse of minor student─ Brian Garrett Joseph, a California high school principal, has been detained by police for an alleged sexual relationship with a former student,” October 31, 2012, http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2012/10/31/269687/us-educator-nabbed-for-child-abuse/


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