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Monday, October 22, 2012

In undemocratic, highly manipulated contest between right-wing reps of financial oligarchy, pseudo-left protects their DP privileges ─ Joseph Kishore

Jerry White, Phyllis Scherrer
2012 Presidential
Vice presidential candidates

Nation Magazine’s lesser-of-two-evils choice furthering suppression of mass socialist movement of working class
Excerpting, editing by 
Carolyn Bennett

In September of this year, writer and Socialist Equality Party National Secretary Joseph Kishore introduced to his party a resolution emphasizing the international class struggle. The resolution states in part ─

The intensification of global economic crisis is leading inexorably to the resurgence of class struggle within the United States and throughout the world.…

It is not enough to predict the inevitability of revolutionary struggles and then await their unfolding…

The Socialist Equality Party must do everything it can to develop, prior to the outbreak of mass struggles, a significant political presence within the working class ─ above all, among its most advanced elements.

The resolution notes that the ruling class, in seeking to maintain its political and ideological domination, relies on the services of innumerable ‘left’ organizations. Referring to the sections of the resolution dealing with the role of these organizations, Kishore said ─
The past year and a half have provided the working class with many crucial lessons on the importance of leadership, and, related to this, the role of the middle class pseudo-left.

Today the World Socialist Web Site published Joseph Kishore’s latest article: “The Nation magazine and the campaign to reelect Obama.” This is some of what Kishore had to say.

 Socialist Equality Party
National Secretary
Joseph Kishore 
Four years ago the Nation Magazine and Democrats argued that the election of Barack Obama to the U.S. presidency would bring “a sea change in American politics”; and though this illusion has been shattered and “genuine popular support” for the Obama government policies “has largely dissipated,” the magazine’s latest issue gives space to numerous articles by “Nation writers and ‘left’ activists …” arguing for reelection of the Obama government.

Unconscionable leadership, Nation supports U.S. Middle East/Persian war expansion

The Nation is hustling votes for a president who asserts the presidential “‘right’ to [kill] anyone, including U.S. citizens, without any judicial process, … a man who holds weekly meetings at which he personally signs off on drone assassinations ─ knowing that those killed will include innocent men, women and children.”

Kishore continues, “Notably absent from any of these articles in the Nation is any serious analysis of U.S. military policy, outside of a reference to the administration’s supposed ‘ending’ of the war [in fact, hostile U.S. presence still exists on the ground] in Iraq.
This is because the Nation [magazine] and the social forces that it represents fully support the administration’s expansion of war, including the assault on Libya and the current stoking up of a civil war in Syria.

“None of the writers refers to plans underway for launching military action against Iran in the aftermath of the elections, regardless of who is elected.

“Such a war could quickly escalate into a confrontation with China and Russia, which the Nation Magazine would find a way to support.” 

Nation pandering to upper crust

The Nation Magazine, Kishore says, speaks for “a layer of the upper-middle class,” which is concerned not about “Romney’s viciously anti-working class agenda” but about “their own positions and privileges linked to the fortunes of the Democratic Party; and who have done quite well under Obama —

Sections of the trade union bureaucracy,
Tenured professors at elite universities,
Well-paid journalists in the orbit of the political establishment and employed by Democratic Party think tanks,
Better-off sections of minority populations

[The Obama government] has offered them ‘space,’ soliciting their services in policing the working class and maintaining the political order.

The Nation Magazine and its constituency, Kishore says, “are far more concerned about the danger of an independent movement of the working class” than they are about “the anti-working class and militarist policies of the Obama administration” or the “wage cutting, unemployment and attacks on education and health care.”

What concerns the Nation Magazine’s constituency, Kishore says, is upper-middle class layers’ sensitive to ─

[t]he potential for a movement from below, outside of the Democratic Party, which would threaten their own social and political position.

“Their social grievances and their opposition to the Republicans,” he says, “reflect [their] dissatisfaction with the distribution of wealth within the top 10 percent ─ not [concerns about] the lowering of living standards of the bottom 60 percent.

“They exclude any genuinely popular and democratic alternative, a socialist alternative to the two-party system [This rings true for me as I observe the pseudo-left Democracy Now program’s exclusion of and discrimination against certain political parties such as the Socialist Equality Party and others from their “expanded” editions paralleling the exclusive Commission on Presidential Debates-controlled U.S. 2012 presidential debates].

Beyond “evils” to real choice

“The elections—an undemocratic and highly manipulated contest between two right-wing representatives of the American financial oligarchy—do present workers and young people with a real choice,” Kishore says. “It is not, as the Nation Magazine would have it, [a choice] between the ‘lesser of two evils.’

t is instead the choice of taking up the struggle to build a mass socialist movement of the working class ─ in opposition to a capitalist system incapable of meeting the basic needs of the people and the political establishment [including the Nation Magazine and its constituency] that defends that system.”

Sources and notes

Joseph Kishore is National Secretary of the Socialist Equality Party and writer (regular contributor) for the World Socialist Web Site, wsws.org, Michigan, USA http://www.socialequality.com

September 2012: The incoming National Committee of the Socialist Equality Party reelected Joseph Kishore as national secretary, Lawrence Porter as assistant national secretary, and Barry Grey as World Socialist Web Site national editor.

“The Nation magazine and the campaign to reelect Obama” (by Joseph Kishore), World Socialist Web Site wsws.org, October 22, 2012, Copyright © 1998-2012 World Socialist Web Site - All rights reserved, http://www.wsws.org/articles/2012/oct2012/nati-o22.shtml


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