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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Democracies like these threaten world

Year 11
U.S. War on Afghanistan
Allies with tyrants, commits endless war on inhabitants: United States persists in violence, impedes nonviolence, diplomacy
News re-reporting, editing by Carolyn Bennett

Allied in violence: Middle East-Horn of Africa
Press TV reports

Middle East
Palestinians under siege 

JUNE 22-23

U.S.-allied Israel against Palestinians

An Israeli airstrike hit al-Bureij refugee camp in central Gaza on Friday leaving a six-year-old Palestinian child dead and two others wounded. The Gaza Strip is blockaded by Tel Aviv.

The casualty count of Palestinians killed in Gaza by Israeli airstrikes in the past five days has rose to nine and was still rising on Saturday. On Wednesday, an Israeli drone attack hit the Gaza City’s Zaitoun neighborhood killing a child.

“Gaza has been under Israeli siege since 2007, causing a decline in the [Gazans’] standard of living, unprecedented levels of unemployment, and unrelenting poverty. Last week, fifty international aid groups and UN agencies urged Tel Aviv to open borders of Gaza, saying the blockade has harmed Gazans.”

Press reports say, “Israeli military frequently bombs the Gaza Strip [and claims these] actions are being conducted for defensive purposes. However, disproportionate force is always used, in violation of international law, and civilians are often killed or injured.”


This was day three of Israel’s nonstop warplane and assassination drone attacks on the people of the Gaza Strip. At this point, the number of Palestinian casualties had risen to eight dead, seven wounded.

Palestinian Flag
More than 1,400 Palestinians, mostly women and children, died in an earlier Israeli offensive that began on December 27, 2008, and lasted 22 days. In addition to the dead, thousands of Gazans were injured, hundreds of homes were destroyed, a large swath of Gaza’s infrastructure was devastated, and thousands of people were thrown further into poverty.

Four years later, Israel’s continuing unchecked blockade on 1.5-million people and its constant ground and air assaults on them portend no end to the torment of a suffering people.

U.S.-allied Saudi Arabia against Syrians

The Saudi princes are reportedly paying the salaries of “the terrorist Free Syrian Army amid ongoing attacks carried out by armed groups inside Syria.”

Sourcing a June 22 Guardian (UK) story, “Saudi authorities will pay the armed rebels to encourage ‘mass defections from the military and… pressure’ the Damascus government.”


A political analyst reported by Press TV has said the United States [as in Iraq, Libya] “aims to change the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.”

Quoting a Beirut-based international lawyer, Franklin Lamb, the report said “‘the goal is nothing less than regime change.’”

Iran warned that foreign interference in Syria and the flow of weapons to the country’s armed gangs will further escalate the months-long crisis in Syria.

“Speaking at a press conference on the sidelines of the Rio+20 Earth Summit in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro on Thursday, Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that such measures will only increase bloodshed, hatred and hostilities in Syria.”


Several sources said this week that Britain and the United States “have begun efforts to openly derail the UN and Arab League envoy Kofi Annan’s six-point plan for ending the violence in Syria.” They are reportedly “pressuring Annan to change plans and seek ouster of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.”


U.S.-occupied, War’s not over

Twin bomb attacks hit Baghdad on Friday morning leaving an estimated 17 people dead. Among the dead were three police officers; more than a hundred people suffered injuries in Iraq’s capital city.

The assault hit a northeast Baghdad neighborhood’s open-air market.


Bahrainis protest
U.S.-doubly allied with despotic
Against people’s protest for change

Anti-government protesters in the capital, Manama, came under attack by Saudi-backed Bahraini forces.

Regime forces’ tear gas, sound bombs, rubber bullets and birdshot injured several peaceful demonstrators, including three senior opposition leaders, on Friday in the capital’s Bilad al-Qadeem area.



JUNE 22-23

U.S. war allied against people

Today a bomb explosion at a music market in Afghanistan’s eastern city of Jalalabad left two people dead and two injured. Yesterday an explosion in a Kabul hotel left nineteen people dead. A U.S. NATO soldier also died, according to Press TV reports.

“Taliban-linked violence” is said to be “taking a large toll on the Western military alliance.”


U.S. war allied against people

Eight people (est.) from central Punjab Province died and another person suffered wounds when “unknown” shooters opened fire “in Pakistan’s troubled southwestern Balochistan Province.”

The shooters were reportedly on motorcycles when they “sprayed bullets into a laundry in a busy area of Quetta city, the capital of Baochistan Province.


U.S. provocation

The United States with South Korea today began massive joint naval drills in the Yellow Sea amid high tensions on the Korean peninsula.

Involved in this three-day provocation are ten South Korean warships and submarines along with the USS George Washington, a U.S. nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.



Drones on Somalia
U.S. allied against Somalis

Thirty-nine people (est.) died and dozens suffered injuries yesterday when two U.S. assassination drones hit Somalia.

Somalia, Horn of Africa
Middle East

The illegal, extrajudicial, cold-blooded assassination attacks had reportedly targeted an al-Shabab training base on the outskirts of Somalia’s densely populated capital, Mogadishu.

Sources and notes

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Press TV photos; Worldatlas maps
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