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Monday, September 1, 2014

True Face of American “values”

America must  care
for its own
not only its won
USA to Afghanistan
USA spends hundreds of millions on sport (and war) as it criminalizes people who are homeless 
Commentary, editing by 
Carolyn Bennett

On January 22, 2014, the New York Yankees bought Japanese baseball player Masahiro Tanaka with a seven-year 155-million-dollar contract containing “an opt-out clause after the fourth year and a full no-trade clause.” The 2014 Major League Baseball season began March 22, the North American part of the season started on March 30 (ends September 28, 2014). Four months after the season began, on July 9, 2014, the 155-million-dollar-Masahiro Tanaka went on “the disabled list with right elbow inflammation” and has not played in a game since.

New York's
Yankee Baseball

Among baseball’s highest-paid players, according to Forbes and Wikipedia are New York Yankees’ players Derek Jeter (#35) $24.3 million (including salary and winnings $15.3 million, endorsements $9 million); and Alex Rodriguez (#48) $22.9 million (including $22.6 million in salary and winnings, endorsements $0.3 million).

Among Americans of the highest paid (top 15) sports players in the world are: boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., #1 at $135 million; basketball player LeBron James, 3# at $72.3 million; basketball player Kobe Bryant, #5 at $61.5 million; golfer Tiger Woods, #6 at $61.2 million; golfer Phil Mickelson, #8, at $53.2 million; football (American football) player Matt Ryan, #10 at $43.8 million; and basketball player Derrick Rose, #13 at $36.6 million
America's homeless
Human beings are
still human
though down on luck

mericans on the idiot box (I don’t watch but I hear tell and often listening to radio I hear repeats) are often heard saying, “We are a ‘Christian’ people” or a “‘Christian’ nation.” Well, if the actions and values of these people are Christian then I want no part of Christianity -- EVER!

In its August 28, 2014, edition (online audio archived), Press TV's “Inside Out” program reports that the United States of America’s “problem with homelessness is one of the worst among [the world’s] developed nations.” In my mind, this is carelessness, failure to care. Time and again, in so many ways, Americans have failed to care for their own. Their “values” are turned around, upside down, or inside out.

Years ago without providing essential healthcare infrastructure and staffing, Americans turned out mentally ill people from care centers and threw them on to the streets.

Human beings
in USA
Year after year these same makers of laws have taken America’s young to one after another war – and prolonged wars. The wounded in mind, body and spirit return to a privatized and otherwise daunting health careless system, to a depressed and cruel capitalist job market, no jobs or grossly inadequate jobs. These wounded, having been used and abused, are discarded onto the streets.

For many years reports have come through that the “good” people of California have been dumping sick people from hospitals onto the streets because these people couldn’t pay the capitalist-king’s price to have a chance of getting well.

U.S. ambassador
Eleanor Roosevelt
1948 Legacy
Universal Declaration of
Human Rights
Cities fail to do what I suggested in a column years ago when I saw homelessness in the shadow of the nation’s capitol, among all those rich and entrenched lifers in the U.S. House and Senate and their lackeys, handlers and lobbyists. I suggested not that we return to a medieval era of life sentencing to dark wards of mental institutions but that we build centers of care that heal, actively engage, help people transition to full independence, ensure training and meaningful work. Build places like libraries (instead of restaurants and gas stations) on every corner if need be. Uplift our people so that they might contribute to our country. Let this define our ethos as a country that truly cares for its own, for the benefit of our country.

But this hasn’t happened. America uses force – the very opposite of “care” -- in every sector of its policy and practice, at every level of government, at home and abroad.  

Homeless Syrians
In some U.S. cities today not only is being homeless a crime punishable on the spot by imprisonment, which leads to more problems – even as buildings are boarded up and left vacant and thousands of people are jobless and can’t afford shelter, which is a human right under the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights – being the giver of food to homeless people is also a crime. In some U.S. “Christian” cities, Inside Out reports, there are “officially instituted laws that ban the practice of sharing food with homeless people.”

hink force. Think hostility. Think of U.S. officials’ orders of an interminably hostile presence cross the world: against Iraq, Iran, Russia, Ukraine, China, Japan, the Koreas, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, Somalia, Nigeria, Sudan, Congo, Libya, Egypt, Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Pakistan, Afghanistan – to name only a few of the 150 countries where the United States is deployed.

Homeless Afghans
The world is brutally aware of American “values.”

Bangladeshi workers
What about these
women worker rights?
The United Nations comprised of 193 member states in its human rights report has noted what any sane person knows without an official report-- that the U.S. criminalization of homelessness “‘raises concerns of discrimination and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment.’” In its usual manner toward the United States, the UN minces its words. The truth is, what the U.S. is doing is both criminal and immoral and should be stopped; would be stopped if the country had not religious leadership, but competent, courageous, moral and ethical leadership.

Garment Factory Fire 2012
111 workers died 
The portrait, the presentation and performance of our officials, their partisan or tribal followers, and a fair number of the masses show us, Americans, to be a violent people, an insensible, acutely selfish, immoral people -- who undermine even their own best interest.

oday on the calendar is "Labor Day" in the United States. This does not mean we celebrate labor or support laborers. As a matter of fact, it means just the opposite. . We celebrate war and waste. 

We like to shop, play the lottery, celebrity watch. We want cheap stuff and slave labor making and marketing cheap stuff. We want somebody else to suffer so we can photograph ourselves handing out “humanitarian” aid. We want “other” human beings to die so we can publicly thank gods we have created in our own image that we are not “those” people.

We can and we must do better – not only because of how the world’s peoples see and experience us but also because of the prior imperative, indeed our duty to build for ourselves and our posterity a better and stronger nation.

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