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Monday, August 11, 2014

Rise of violent “extremists” – “Cry for Help”: Tommy Robinson

Afghan Refugees
A call to talk
Editing, brief comment by Carolyn Bennett

With completely polarized communities and complete non integration and complete segregation, “it is terrifying to think of what’s next, what the next twenty to thirty years may hold for the next generation of youth in our country.… I want to work out a way that we can solve this” [founder and former leader of the English Defense League (EDL) Tommy Robinson]

 He’s addressing Britain but I hear America.

   xtremist to me is one who cannot see or sense the sense or a grain of truth in another’s argument, opinion or ideas on a question. 

Such a rabid position is by nature seriously flawed because extreme right or left or any other steel mindedness always leaves out something that is vital, important, essential to the issue and to understanding and the journey of making change to solve the problem for the public good.  
Refugees, Asylum SeekersFleeing war
Risking life
Crossing Mediterranean
There is also a view of the violent extremist, which Robinson points to. The interviewer asked about an Anders Breivik parallel with the EDL and Robinson’s thoughts were that “What bred Anders Breivik was a silence on [tackling] the issue” of immigration and societal conflict.

We “create monsters in this country as well as in Europe, monsters like Breivik," he said, "who, when they see no way out, see no one talking about these issues, no light at the end of the tunnel in solving these problems; and everyone [is] being criticized and called a racist and being beaten down with this big racist stick for even talking about them -- then that way of thinking is driven underground and it becomes more resentment, more anger, … a worrying trend that in the near future will become genuine threats from the far right.”

Syrian Refugees
Wikipedia note: Anders Behring Breivik was born in Oslo, Norway, February 13, 1979, the son of Wenche Behring, a nurse, and Jens David Breivik, a civil economist who worked as a diplomat for the Norwegian Embassy in London and later Paris. On July 22, 2011, Anders Breivik bombed government buildings in Oslo that resulted in the deaths of eight people. Breivik then killed 69 more people, mostly teenagers, in a mass shooting at a Workers’ Youth League (AUF) camp on the island of Utøya. On the day of the attacks, Breivik electronically distributed a compendium of texts entitled 2083: A European Declaration of Independence in which he describes his far-right militant ideology.” In August 2012 Breivik was convicted of “mass murder, causing a fatal explosion, and terrorism” [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anders_Behring_Breivik]
Kenyan Refugees

There is something essential in the former EDL member’s discussion with SophieCo.

Government separate and apart

“The government is not living in towns and cities” of the working classes, Tommy Robinson said; “they are miles apart and out of touch with what it’s like.” Those in government do not have “their finger on the pulse of the amount of resentment and anger.” Though parents “should have a duty to hand down a safe and prosperous [country] to the next generation, we are failing miserably in that duty.” 

What is happening to our country “hurts” yet “people are too scared to even speak about these issues.”

Yemeni Refugees
Conflict resolution through Dialogue

The current path inevitably leads to conflict and “we don’t want conflict…; we want to avoid that but to avoid it we need to really get to the deep root cause of the problems and at least be able to discuss them and work out solutions to them and not just bury them under the carpet and hope they will go away, as they won’t.…

“We are hoping create a platform to give an opportunity for people from working-class communities to bring these problems to the forefront with the government, from members of all different parties, and have dialogue with all of them.”

Cry for help

Syrian Refugees
Their activism on the streets over the past four years, Robinson said, was indicative of “a cry for help” trying to capture people’s attention to the way they are living. 

“We believe democracy can solve the problem,” he said, “and we … welcome people from Africa and different continents … to open up a healthy platform.”

istening to Robinson’s interview with RT’s Sophie Shevardnadze (SophieCo), we can agree or disagree, to any degree; but a core element in my opinion is indisputable. There are critical underlying issues tearing (domestic and global) society apart – he doesn’t even mention the underlying colossal cause rising from U.S./UK/Western wars in Asia and Africa, their outpouring of refugees -- which are being ignored by governments, by leaders and people in power, and by the populace. 

Libyan refugees
His argument, observations and solutions for resolving conflict have definite merit. We exist in a society in crisis – deliberately so. Governments are divisive, corrupt and inattentive. Mass media divide and deepen conflict as for entertainment. And people are deliberately oblivious, playing with their iPhones and Tweeting nonsense. Such a state of affairs is unsustainable and indeed troubling for countries, societies, and future generations.

We need neither extremism nor violence but we definitely need a wake-up call and cross-differences conversation.

Sources and notes

“EDL dissident voice from right a grain of sense Tommy Robinson” Guest Tommy Robinson, founder and former leader of the English Defense League (EDL) “notoriously known for its anti-Islam stance,” RT’s SophieCo program, August 9, 2014, http://rt.com/shows/sophieco/134711-immigrationissue-eu-fascism/

Sophie Shevardnadze’s lead in:

Arab spring refugee tide has made the immigration issue yet more stretching for the European governments. In some towns the indigenous population is already in the minority.

Can migrants overflow breed new fascism?

Will Islam win politically?

What has to happen to ensure peacefulness of the seemingly inevitable Europe ethnic makeover?

Interview program SophieCo host Sophie Shevardnadze, Monday and Friday on RT

Anders Behring Breivik bio brief, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anders_Behring_Breivik


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