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Monday, July 15, 2013

Preexisting human relations tragedy ─ reflection on Martin-Zimmerman

Failing to make community makes all complicit 
By Carolyn Bennett

Tragedies happen and they happen all over the United States of America because we cause them to happen. They don’t happen in isolation, separate and distinct, without history. They don’t leap whole from television headline news (which are often blatantly false, another story). Tragedies have deeply rooted origins. So is the case of the Florida shooting tragedy. And the protests or rather the SHOW that has followed the decision in the Martin-Zimmerman case is silly, on their face; and, on a deeper level, it veils protesters’ complicity in the tragedy.

Here’s how I see the Martin-Zimmerman effect-tragedy of causal-tragedy.

Failure to make community

Local communities are troubled all over America and usually they are troubled because people refuse to “set at table” with one another.

Many black people act as if they are apart from “America.” Many white people act as if they are apart from “others.” Either group is likely to comment: but they are “white” or but they are “black” as if they are addressing aliens from Mars. Both groups create ─ you might even say they conspire to create ─ a human and human relations void: an off-putting, a standoff, an emotional off-limits. There is an undercurrent of hostility and condescension, a passive aggressiveness in these groups, even an irrational fear, paranoia, that drives and sustains separation (separatism). The “apart-from” syndrome reinforces the negative undercurrents and entrenched misconceptions, stereotypes and deliberate delusions.

This disuniting, circular,  spiraling downward regression is a preexisting and persistent condition in America, an underlying and unattended tragedy.

Failure of sight

Together with a failure to make “community,” togetherness (for the scope of this argument, I’m setting aside discontented lives due a depletion of meaningful employment base and depressed economic times) is the deliberate, hypocritical disregard of high crimes committed daily, with impunity. 

The current U.S. president and a whole line of U.S. presidents and legislators, through their official acts, can kill and maim thousands, even millions of people, destroy their families and livelihoods. Destroy the peace in West-Central Asia, Africa, the Middle East; and few Americans, white or black (likely many among the weekend protesters), will raise a single word of dissent. 

Criminally oppressive corporations, religious and educational institutions can abuse the human rights of more hundreds and thousands of people, at home and abroad. And Americans, black and white and whatever, will continue pouring their money (often on credit) into them, patronizing them, praying at their altars (communities made casino debris, wreckage). When questioned, these “patriots” and headlining “protesters” manufacture all kinds of excuses for their personal, shoddy behavior.

U.S. consistently
mistreats, disparages
Failure to be human beings among human beings
Responsibility is imperative

Someone has said (maybe I said it) that the mantra “racism-racism-racism-racist-racist-racist” is just too easy, too often and often irrelevant. And like anything repeated over and over again it has become meaningless. Someone also said revenge is a  lazy from of response to harm.

There are no innocents here. The protests post-trial relative to the Martin-Zimmerman case are as pageantry in the White House Rose Garden and in the sewer on Capitol Hill: it’s the SHOW ─ an insult, drama without substance, SHOW signifying nothing, except perhaps more hostility and separatism: “those from those,”  “us from them.”

Until “difference” (call it black-white, American-Muslim, Protestant-Catholic, Jew-Gentile, call it whatever you like) sits at the table with “difference” ─ and I’m not talking about “tolerance” (who wants to be tolerated?) ─ until “difference” invites “difference” with complete acceptance sans disparaging, judging or prejudging; until “difference” makes community, there will be no end to consequential (headlined) tragedies and no honest examination and elimination of underlying human relations conditions: causal tragedies.
Carefully taught

It doesn't have to be this way. Whether we like it or not, the quality and the character of society is our responsibility. We are responsible for the actions of the United States of America. We are neither “alien” nor “other.” We are America, this United States of America. And our failure to take responsibility as human beings with and among human beings is our deepest and most destructive tragedy.

Protests and bloodletting ─ home and abroad USA

Monday July 15, 2013

Martin/Zimmerman case

“From Harlem to Union Square hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets of New York on Sunday to protest the not guilty verdict in the Trayvon Martin shooting by George Zimmerman.

“Late on Saturday, a jury of six women in Florida announced that George Zimmerman was acquitted of murder and manslaughter charges in Martin’s death. Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer, had admitted he shot the unarmed 17-year-old but claimed it was in self-defense. While Zimmerman left the court house a free man, many are calling for further investigations into the Florida Killing. Protesters today say justice wasn't served.”  http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2013/07/15/313852/outrage-in-us-over-trayvon-martin-death-amid-notguilty-verdict/

U.S. hostilities in Yemen

Yemenis protest U.S.
“Rights group passes law to criminalize US killer drone attacks in Yemen ─ A human rights organization has managed to pass a law in Yemen’s National Dialogue Conferenc
e (NDC) to criminalize U.S. killer drone strikes, Press TV reports.

“‘We managed to pass a law in the first phase of the outcome of the National Dialogue [Conference], criminalizing the killing outside of law, including drone strikes and targeted missiles,’ said Baraa Shiban, who is the project coordinator for the London-based human rights organization Reprieve.”  http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2013/07/15/313881/us-drone-attacks-in-yemen-criminalized/

Syrians protest
Foreign interference
U.S. hostilities in Syria

“U.S. and Qatar arm rival militant gangs in Syria amid slow delivery of arms ─ Pointing to American troubles in preventing its arms to fall into the hands of ‘extremists’ such as the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra front, U.S. daily New York Times [reported] on Sunday that Washington’s key Persian Gulf ally Qatar ‘is suspected’ of supplying weapons to ‘more hard-line’ groups in Syria, ‘despite assurances to the contrary from Qatari officials.’” http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2013/07/15/313893/us-qatar-arming-rival-gangs-in-syria/

Sunday July 14, 2013

Pakistanis protest U.S.
U.S. hostilities in PAKISTAN

“Pakistanis have staged an anti-U.S. demonstration in Punjab Province to protest against the killing of innocent civilians by U.S. assassination drone attacks. The major protest rally took place in the city of Multan where demonstrators chanted slogans against the U.S. Reports say similar protests were also held in other towns and cities of Punjab on Sunday.” http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2013/07/14/313793/pakistanis-protest-us-drone-strikes/


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