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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Struggle not done yet ─ Jill Stein calls out flimflammers, Washington’s fiscal show

Shining light on scam, betrayal
Excerpting, editing by Carolyn Bennett

Last year’s candidate for the U.S. presidency, Jill Stein, writes today of the bipartisan betrayal and fiscal cliff “scam.” This is some of her statement.

Bipartisan betrayal of Americans

Protects wealthy households earning up to HALF A MILLION DOLLARS ($450,000) annually from tax increases.

Ends payroll tax holiday, hitting the vulnerable working and middle class with significant tax increases. 

Ushers in $205 billion more in wasteful corporate tax favors (new racetracks,  tens of millions; Goldman Sachs, $1.6 billion tax-free financing for its new massive headquarters; banks, 9 billion-dollar loophole for offshore financing; U.S. multinationals allowed to dodge taxes on income earned by foreign subsidiaries – enabling them all to continue moving jobs offshore)

Deals a setback to caretakers of family members at home, repealing a the Affordable Care Act provision designed to let millions of elderly and disabled people get help at home instead of being placed in institutions

Bipartisan betrayal, groundwork for disaster

The Obama government, Stein says, “has already agreed to $4 trillion in deficit reduction and the revenue side of the deal [the president] just signed generates little more than $600 billion, which means –

[Americans] are looking at bipartisan collaboration on more than $3 trillion in cuts going in to the next round of brinkmanship over the debt ceiling.

[The Obama government’s] earlier pattern of willingness to cut Social Security, Medicare and other health programs together with its current capitulation lays the groundwork for disaster.

 “Once again,” Dr. Stein says, “we are seeing that real solutions will not be coming from the corporate sponsored political establishment.” As daylight dawns shining light on the ‘fiscal cliff’ deal just passed by the U.S. Congress, “it is clear that the expected bipartisan betrayal has occurred and, even worse, it lays the groundwork for much more to come.…

You can be prouder than ever of your vote against the continued bipartisan sell out.

Continuing her campaign for a Green New Deal, she declares the struggle far from over. In the urgency of this moment in history and politics, “Our voices are needed more than ever to continue the fight for strong Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid – and for an economy that works for all of us.

More than ever
we the people  
are the ones 
we've been waiting for.

Sources and notes

“STATEMENT BY JILL STEIN: Bipartisan fiscal scam lays groundwork for austerity,”


A 2012 candidate for the U.S. presidency, Jill Stein is a Midwest born-New England physician, environmentalist and health expert, political leader, activist and writer who two years ago (2009), along with her routine responsibilities, was active in implementing the Massachusetts “Secure Green Future” ballot initiative that earned high percentage points in voter returns. The measure called on legislators to accelerate efforts to make development of green jobs a priority and move the State economy to renewable energy.

Leader in politics and public health

In 2002, Jill Stein ran for the office of Governor of Massachusetts under the Green-Rainbow Party banner. In 2003 through 2006, she represented Greens or Green ideals in co-founding the Massachusetts Coalition for Healthy Communities, a non-profit organization addressing a variety of issues that are important to the health and well-being of Massachusetts communities: health care, local green economies, grassroots democracy. She represented the Green-Rainbow Party in  races for State Representative (2004) and for Secretary of State (2006), garnering the greatest number of total votes ever received by a Green-Rainbow candidate.

Jill Stein’s environmental advocacy “as a human health issue” began in 1998 “when she realized that politicians were failing to take action to protect children from the toxic threats emerging from current science.” Over the years, she has provided services to parents, teachers, community groups and a Native American group seeking to protect their communities from toxic exposure. She has offered expert advice on television programs and testified before numerous legislative panels and local and state governmental bodies. Her testimony on the effects of mercury and dioxin contamination from the burning of waste helped preserve the Massachusetts moratorium on new trash incinerator construction in the state.

She has been on Massachusetts and national boards of directors of the Physicians for Social Responsibility; and has won the Clean Water Action’s award, Not in Anyone’s Backyard Award, the Children’s Health Hero Award, and the Toxic Action Center’s Citizen Award, among others.


Jill Stein is coauthor of two widely-praised reports aimed at promoting green local economies, sustainable agriculture, clean power, and freedom from toxic threats: “In Harm’s Way: Toxic Threats to Child Development (2000, translated into four languages and used worldwide); and Environmental Threats to Healthy Aging (2009). 

Her “Healthy People, Healthy Planet” teaching program makes clear the critical connections of human health, climate security, and green economic revitalization. Her body of work has been presented at government, public health and medical conferences, and has been used to improve public policy.


Born in Chicago, raised in suburban Highland Park, Illinois, Jill Stein took her academic credentials at Harvard College (1973) and Harvard Medical School (1979). She is married with children and lives in Massachusetts. Revised from http://www.jillstein.org/bio


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