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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ruled by corrupt cabal, power abusers, U.S. demands united people power, third parties

Shuffling Repub/Dems, sustaining corrupt system; or

Acting together, embracing very different way ─ Rocky Anderson
Excerpt, editing by
Carolyn Bennett

From Truthout (transcript) Ron Boyer Interview with presidential candidate Rocky Anderson “Justice Party Presidential Candidate Rocky Anderson Speaks Candidly on the Crumbling State of the Union”

The parties of Republicans and Democrats in control are acting as a cabal (a faction) against the rest of us.

All of us need to understand how dangerous this is and what is at stake, not only for us; but for the future of this nation.

We must organize and take action, both within and outside the electoral system, if we are to protect and maintain the Republic. Rocky Anderson

A people under crime of war

As a nation and as a people, Anderson said, “we seem to have completely lost sight of the illegality of aggressive war (Aggressive war is a military attack against any nation, unless that nation has attacked or was about to attack the aggressor nation).

“These wars have been fought in our name. They have been financed by our nation. They have been devastating to people who have served and to their families and other loved ones.

“They have been immensely tragic to people in the nations against whom we have pursued this aggression. A million Iraqi people have lost their lives directly or indirectly as a result of our invasion and occupation of Iraq.

“I am strongly in favor of a fact-finding investigation where the truth can finally be laid out for the American people. There must be some kind of accountability, even if not criminal prosecutions, even if not an international tribunal as in Nuremberg.

“The truth must come out. Not only in connection with the commission of these wars, but also the lies that led us into the wars. It is astounding to me that President Bush and other members of his administration could have so blatantly lied to the American people and withheld information that was in their possession in leading our nation to war. At least history should hold people who blatantly lied to us accountable.”

A people under surveillance

In Draper, Utah, “the National Security Agency (NSA) is building a 1-million-square-foot facility to store records of the communications that our intelligence community is gathering and a lot of those communications are those in which U.S. citizens have engaged. Not long ago, this would have seemed absolutely impossible to the people of this country.

 “It seems that so many people in this country, over just a few years, have not only become accustomed to but have come to accept the fact that our government can be listening in on our conversations or mining our email communications.”

People who are given power are often inclined to abuse that power and the complacency and seeming acceptance by the American people of these kinds of abuses (perpetual war, extrajudicial killing, domestic surveillance) is perhaps the most frightening aspect of all.

Contemplating the Vote: voting while scared
Lesser-of-two-evils voting strategy equals further regress

Allowing “the fear-driven argument that the lesser of two evils (or the more effective of the two evils) may be defeated by the greater of two evils, [is conceding] to the status quo.”  

Never seeing change, “we will see things continue to get worse: the ratcheting up of an imperial presidency, the undermining of the rule of law and our constitutional values, continued destruction of our democracy, worsening economic disparity” already worse than at any time since the early twentieth century and during the Great Depression.

“We can choose:

Either to move the players (Republicans and Democrats) around and sustain the corrupt system in which those with the money call all the shots

Or finally organize and take action together to choose a very different way.

Fear tactic, the “spoiler”

At some point, “Americans both as citizens and moral actors must draw the line.”

Seeing things in proper perspective, few people “would now consider voting for someone who promises to halt wars of aggression, then sends in more troops; refuses to hold people accountable under the law for war crimes; targets U.S. citizens for assassination, without any semblance of due process ─  all of which President Obama has done.…

How can any American support the reelection of a president who asked for the power then signed into law the NDAA [The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 signed into U. S. law on December 31, 2011, by President Barack Obama]  providing the President with the power to point to anyone in the world (including U.S. citizens) and have them essentially kidnapped, disappeared, indefinitely detained without charges, without trial, without habeas corpus, even without legal assistance?

Probably the most subversive, anti-American act ever undertaken by a U. S. Congress and president

The lesser-of-two-evils and “spoiler” fear-voting timidity “cannot draw the line.” Thus Americans are rendered “a very different and dangerous nation of people.”

If we vote to “reelect President Obama simply because of our fear that somebody else might be elected,” then we deserve what we get.

“I think we are a better country than that. I think the world deserves better than a president of the United States who cavalierly sends unmanned drones on to other nations without any authorization by Congress, in complete violation of the war powers clause.

Rocky Anderson
Justice Party USA
Candidate for U.S. Presidency
“We American people need to get beyond our timidity and assert ourselves if we are ever going to see the kind of change that is necessary to move in the direction of democracy, away from plutocracy.”

Third parties unite

Jill Stein
Green Party
Candidate for U.S. Presidency 
“The Republican and Democratic Parties have colluded in creating the corrupt, perverse system that has led our nation to this point today. And there is no question in my mind that we need a major new alternative,” Anderson says.

“There are some great third parties in this country, but none of them have a history of winning elections. They simply do not resonate with a sufficiently broad political base, either to succeed in winning or in helping create a long-term, sustained movement for significant change in this country.  [But] I think this is a perfect time for third parties to come together under one unified banner, perhaps set aside some of our differences and join in providing the kind of option the majority of the American people want to see in the coming election.

“I would be very pleased to work with the Greens, the Peace and Freedom Party, the Progressive Party, with the Libertarian Party, with Independents ─ with people of all stripes  ─  in allowing a real choice, rather than creating several different factions and limiting the choices to small parties on either the left or the right of the political spectrum.

 “Bring people together focusing on our major common concerns and common aspirations.”

Multidimensional effort (present imperative meets historic tradition)

“In order to change the system,” Anderson says, “we need to approach it from every direction possible.

Anti-slavery, Woman Suffrage, civil rights, labor movements - all were successful because of tenacious action by committed people at the grassroots willing to organize and act, sometimes year after year, to meet their goals.

Real change also “can certainly be facilitated if we have people in elective office that can both change public policy and urge the American people on, [pushing for change] …; [keeping] up the fight on the outside, never turning away from the electoral system, particularly when there are candidates willing to fight for your compatriots.

“We need to push from every direction. Those (eligible voters who have given up on the electoral system) who have become so cynical and resigned that they refuse even to vote are, in a certain sense, declaring defeat and are part of the problem.”

Seize opportunity together

“We have an opportunity to come together and overthrow the dictatorship of corrupt money and to elect to the presidency someone who will do everything possible to change the system and help restore the rule of law, including compliance with the war powers and due process clauses of the Constitution of the United States.

“Using some of the same tools and organizing strategies,” we are sufficiently powerful “to overthrow the corrupting influence of money that has served essentially as a dictator in this nation.

“We have the tools to resist tyranny.  We have the traditions of standing up against tyranny. We have traditions in this country of people striving to do better when we find out that our government has abused its power, either against ‘We the People’ or against others around the world.

“We are powerful enough” ─ if only we exert our will ─ “to demand restoration of the rule of law and return to essential constitutional values.

“The responsibility falls on all of our shoulders to reverse the incredibly dangerous trend” endemic within the United States and in its relations with foreign nations and peoples.

Sources and notes

Justice Party Presidential Candidate Rocky Anderson Speaks Candidly on the Crumbling State of the Union” (Ron Boyer, Truthout Interview Sunday, August 26, 2012, http://truth-out.org/news/item/10766-a-road-less-traveled-presidential-candidate-rocky-anderson-speaks-candidly-on-the-crumbling-state-of-the-union

In addition to contributing to Truthout Ron Boyer is a poet, author and screenwriter; a former U.S. government employee and an advocate for alternatives to incarceration for nonviolent offenders.

Ross Carl (Rocky) Anderson, Justice Party candidate for U.S. presidency, has been profiled previously at Today’s Insight News.  

“Ralph Nader and Ron Paul, two of the most outspoken political leaders of our time, don’t agree all that often. But one thing they both understand is that the American political system is rigged against independent and third party candidates.” http://www.thelibertyvoice.com/ralph-nader-ron-paul-agree-ballot-access-laws-are-rigged-against-independent-third-party-candidates


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