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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Democracy coming to U.S.A. 
Top of Form

“Make every decision relate to the welfare and well-being of the seventh generation to come.” 
Sources edited by Carolyn Bennett for TIN

If you want to strengthen democracy where it matters most — in our communities, our schools, our workplaces and local economies, military, government, media, constitution — you will join the August convention http://democracyconvention.org/

Madison, Wisconsin
August 24-28, 2011

Earth Democracy
Reclaim the Commons for All Beings
 Democratic Defense
People Power Over War & Peace
Representative Democracy
Voting Rights & Open Government
Local Democracy
Community Power & Local Participation
Media Democracy
A Free Press for a Free Society
Economic Democracy
Economics as if People Mattered
Racial Equality
I swear this oath. America will be!
Education for Democracy
Democratizing Our Schools & Colleges
Constitutional Reform
Amending Our Basic Law

August 24-28, 2011
Madison, Wisconsin

Madison Convention Speakers

1.     Tom Hayden, Keynote
2.     Michelle Shocked, Musician
3.     Madison Mayor Paul Soglin
4.     Gar Alperovitz, Professor, University of Maryland
5.     Anne Feeney, Musician
6.     John Nichols, The Nation
7.     Adam Porton, Wisconsin Wave
8.     Ald. Joe Moore, Chicago
9.     Ben Manski, Liberty Tree
10.  Beverly Speer, WI Democracy Campaign
11.  Bill Thorington, Banker
12.  Bryan Kennedy, President, AFT-Wisconsin
13.  Cynthia Lin, Freedom, Inc.
14.  Dace A. Zeps, Progressive Dane
15.  David Cobb, Program on Corporations Law and Democracy
16.  Diane Farsetta, WI Network for Peace and Justice
17.  Erika Wolf, United Council of UW Students
18.  Frank Emspak, Workers Independent News
19.  George Friday, Independent Progressive Politics Network
20.  Heidi Wegleitner, Progressive Dane
21.  Jeff Clements, Free Speech for People
22.  Jerome Scott, League of Revolutionaries for a New America
23.  John Bonifaz, Voter Action

24.  Kabzuag Vaj, Freedom, Inc.
25.  Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, Democracy Unlimited of Humboldt County
26.  Kevin Zeese, It's Our Economy
27.  Leah Bolger, Veterans for Peace
28.  Lisa Graves, Center for Media and Democracy
29.  Maram Abdelhamid, Free Speech for People
30.  Margaret Flowers, It's Our Economy
31.  Mary Bottari, Center for Media and Democracy
32.  Matt Nelson, Color of Change
33.  Matthew Rothschild, The Progressive
34.  Mike McCabe, Wisconsin Democracy Campaign
35.  Molly Stentz, WORT 89.9FM Community Radio
36.  Monica Adams, Freedom, Inc.
37.  Nancy Price, Alliance for Democracy
38.  Norman Stockwell, WORT 89.9FM Community Radio
39.  Riki Ott, Ultimate Civics
40.  Rob Richie, Fair Vote USA
41.  Ronnie Cummins, Organic Consumers Association
42.  Sam Munger, Center on Wisconsin Strategy
43.  Sarah Manski, WI Positive Business Alliance
44.  State Rep. Michael Fisher, Lincoln, Vermont
45.  Ted Glick, Independent Progressive Politics Network
46.  Z! Haukeness, Groundwork
. . . with many more to be announced . . .

Participants Coming From:

1.     Albany
2.     Alton
3.     Amherst
4.     Ann Arbor
5.     Annandale
6.     Antelope
7.     Arlington
8.     Asheville
9.     Ashland
10.  Atlanta
11.  Aurora
12.  Austin
13.  Baltimore
14.  Beachwood
15.  Beaver Dam
16.  Belmont
17.  Belton
18.  Bethany
19.  Black Mountain
20.  Blue Mounds
21.  Boston
22.  Brandon
23.  Britt
24.  Brodheadsville Brookfield
25.  Brooklyn
26.  Burlington
27.  Cambridge
28.  Canton
29.  Cedar
30.  Cedar Rapids
31.  Centennial
32.  Centreville
33.  Chapel Hill
34.  Chicago
35.  Cincinnati
36.  Cleveland Heights Clintonville
37.  Coldwater
38.  Colleyville
39.  Columbus
40.  Conklin
41.  Cordova
42.  Corinth
43.  Cottage Grove
44.  Crystal Lake
45.  Concord
46.  Curtis
47.  Cuyahoga Falls
48.  DeBruce
49.  Decatur
50.  Deerfield
51.  Defiance
52.  Delavan
53.  Des Moines
54.  Detroit
55.  Dodgeville

56.  Dowell
57.  Duluth
58.  East Lansing
59.  Eau Claire
60.  Edgerton
61.  Efland
62.  Enfield
63.  Eugene
64.  Eureka
65.  Evansville
66.  Falls Church
67.  Ferndale
68.  Fitchburg
69.  Fort Bragg
70.  Fort Collins
71.  Fort Myers
72.  Fort Thomas
73.  Fortuna
74.  Frederic
75.  Fullerton
76.  Greenville
77.  Guerneville Hollidaysburg
78.  Indian Rocks Beach Iowa City
79.  Irvine
80.  Janesville
81.  Kansas City
82.  Kenosha
83.  Kyoto, Japan
84.  La Crosse
85.  Lafayette
86.  Las Vegas
87.  Lawrence
88.  Litchfield
89.  Los Angeles
90.  Madison
91.  Maple
92.  Marshall
93.  Marysville
94.  Mastic Beach McFarland
95.  McHenry
96.  Medina
97.  Middleton
98.  Milford
99.  Milton
100.                 Milwaukee
101.                 Minneapolis
102.                 Mondovi
103.                 Monona
104.                 Montello
105.                 Moorhead
106.                 Morrison
107.                 Mound Valley
108.                 Mount Horeb
109.                 Naperville
110.                 NaplesNew Brunswick

111.                 New York
112.                 Newcastle
113.                 North Hollywood
114.                 North Hudson
115.                 North Kansas City
116.                 Northbrook
117.                 Novato
118.                 Oakland
119.                 Olympia
120.                 Orange
121.                 Oregon
122.                 Orleans
123.                 Pell Lake
124.                 Phoenix
125.                 Placerville
126.                 Portland
127.                 Racine
128.                 Redmond
129.                 Redway
130.                 Richland Center Rockford
131.                 Royal Oak
132.                 S. Pasadena
133.                 S. Yarmouth
134.                 Salida
135.                 San Francisco
136.                 Santa Cruz
137.                 Santa Fe
138.                 Santa Rosa
139.                 Seattle
140.                 Shawnee
141.                 Shoreline
142.                 Shoreview
143.                 Silver Spring
144.                 Skokie
145.                 Smithtown
146.                 Somerville
147.                 Spencer
148.                 Springfield
149.                 St. Paul
150.                 St. Louis
151.                 St. Paris
152.                 St. Pete Beach
153.                 Stevens Point
154.                 Stevenson
155.                 Stoughton
156.                 Sublimity
157.                 Sun Prairie
158.                 Tavares
159.                 Tempe
160.                 Tigard
161.                 Tucson
162.                 Union Grove
163.                 Valencia
164.                 Venice
165.                 Verona
166.                 Wantagh
167.                 Washington, D.C.
168.                 Watertown
169.                 Waukesha
170.                 Westerville
171.                 Willits

. . . and more!

Further sources and notes

Liberty Tree

Liberty Tree is uniquely committed to building a new democracy movement for the U.S.A., providing vital support to grassroots campaigns for democratic reform in many areas of American life and bringing those campaigns together to form a united movement for democracy. 

Liberty Tree’s  current top priority campaign is the Wisconsin Wave, which unites Wisconsinites against corporatization and austerity and for democracy and shared prosperity, http://www.WisconsinWave.org; http://www.libertytreefdr.org/index.php

The Liberty Tree Foundation for the Democratic Revolution is a nonprofit organization rooted in the belief that the American Revolution is a living tradition whose greatest promise is democracy. In order to help achieve that promise, Liberty Tree works to create a society in which communities and individuals have the desire, skills, and capacity to participate in the vital decisions that affect their lives.

“Such a society … is most likely to emerge from a genuine democratic revolution — one that focuses on deep structural, legal, and institutional change, dismantles oppression in all of its forms, and is organized through the transformation of communities, institutions and local governments into conscious agents of democratic change.

Liberty Tree collaborates with organizations and individuals to build strategic pro-democracy campaigns that directly challenge illegitimate power, dismantle oppression, and develop the skills necessary to lay the foundation for a democratic revolution. 

Liberty Tree’s guiding values:
Feminist, democratic principles of collective and individual accountability, mutual responsibility, active power sharing, and non-hierarchical organizing 
Effective movement building grounded in the real needs and experiences of people and communities struggling for democratic power and liberation 
American internationalism in the traditions of Thomas Paine, the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, and the Seattle WTO protests 
Nurturing relationships and an organizing culture that is joyful, hopeful and celebratory 
The concepts of Sankofa and the Seventh Generation: Sankofa reaches back into our history and carries it into the present; the commitment to the Seventh Generation means that decisions we make today must be evaluated by their impact on generations to come, http://www.libertytreefdr.org/about
Liberty Tree Board of Directors
Medea Benjamin, Director
Karen Dolan, Director
George Martin, Director
John Nichols, Director and President
Victor Wallis, Director
Ben Manski, ex. officio, Executive Director
Phone: (608) 257-1606
Mailing Address: Liberty Tree, P.O. Box 260217, Madison, Wisconsin 53726-0217
NEW Office Address: Liberty Tree, 520 University Avenue, Suite 228, Madison, Wisconsin 53703, http://democracyconvention.org/

Wikipedia notes
The Sankofa represents the importance of learning from the past

Seventh Generation

“‘We are looking ahead, as is one of the first mandates given us as chiefs, to make sure and to make every decision that we make relate to the welfare and well-being of the seventh generation to come. . . .’” Chief of the Onondaga Nation, Oren Lyons, writes.

“‘What about the seventh generation? Where are you taking them? What will they have?’”

Seven Generation Sustainability

Seven generation sustainability is an ecological concept that urges the current generation of humans to live sustainably and work for the benefit of the seventh generation into the future.

It originates with the Iroquois (Great Law of the Iroquois) and holds appropriate to think seven generations ahead — a couple hundred years into the future — and to decide whether the decisions taken today would benefit their children seven generations into the future.

“‘In every deliberation, we must consider the impact on the seventh generation... even if it requires having skin as thick as the bark of a pine’”  reportedly from “The Constitution of the Iroquois Nations: The Great Binding Law.”

August 24-28, 2011
Madison, Wisconsin


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