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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

U.S. can’t afford Libya says Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison

HOWEVER, Senate Committee war horses okay continued U.S. violence, law breaking in Libya
Re-reporting, editing, brief comment by Carolyn Bennett

Last week Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas said, “After several months of military engagement in Libya, members of both political parties, high-level officials in multiple branches of government, and the American public have raised serious concerns about our involvement in Libya. …

“We are facing a very real and very serious fiscal crisis in our country. It is clear that we can no longer continue to pay for the vast majority of NATO operations, especially those that are not in the vital interest of our nation. America should not only reduce the level of funding we provide to NATO, we should also move to redeploy a large portion of our military presence in Europe back to the United States. I intend to continue fighting to reduce our large overseas military basing presence, to cut spending on the excessive United States military presence in Europe, and to allow more of our troops to be based and trained at home.

“Unfortunately, the President’s decision that the U.S. will support the ongoing military operation in Libya sends the message to our European allies that American taxpayers are willing and able to shoulder the burden for their foreign policy and military priorities, and that there are no consequences for the failure of Europeans to do their share. Given our nation's current financial difficulties, it is imperative that we change that message now.

“The American taxpayer can no longer afford to write a blank check for NATO operations. It is time for our allies to shoulder their responsibilities and reduce their dependence on United States military forces.”

In April, Hutchison cosponsored Senate.Resolution146 (S.RES.146), a resolution expressing the sense of the Senate [in part] that it is not in the vital interest of the United States to intervene militarily in Libya. …

Bill summary “Expresses the sense of the Senate that:

(1) U.S. military intervention in Libya, as explained by the President, is not in the vital interests of the United States

(2) The President should have consulted with Congress prior to committing the U.S. Armed Forces either independently or as a major part of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) operations

(3) The President should obtain authorization from Congress before providing further military and financial support to Libya operations and should not assume that such an authorization would equate to the U.S. Armed Forces leading any future strike or support operations

(4) Prior to further U.S. military involvement NATO members and other nations with a vital regional interest should agree to provide a substantial portion of the military and financial burdens associated with Operation Unified Protector; and

(5) Members of the Arab League should ensure that all of their military resources are available to enforce U.N. Resolutions 1970 and 1973.

Latest Major Action: 4/14/2011 Referred to Senate committee. Status: Referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations [Sponsor: Sen. Ensign, John [NV] (introduced 4/14/2011); cosponsors (2) Sen.  Hutchison, Kay Bailey [TX] - 4/14/2011; Sen. Manchin, Joe, III [WV] - 4/14/2011

Senators for war on Libya show their hand.

Yesterday afternoon the Senate Foreign Relations Committee — led by former veteran against the Vietnam War — approved a resolution authorizing “the limited use of United States Armed Forces in support of the NATO mission in Libya.” The vote was 14-5.

Crafty politicians are against war as they are with all their “values” and “principles” —  only when it is convenient or suits their corporate or partisan brand. 

That's no way to lead a country. Men like Kerry and McCain and Levin have far outlived (in the Senate) their ability to lead and legislate in the best interest of the United States and its relations with world.

Sources and notes

“NATO Allies Must Bear Brunt of Responsibility & Cost for Libya, Not U.S. Taxpayers,”
June 24, 2011, http://hutchison.senate.gov/?p=weekly_column&id=639

Bill Summary & Status, 112th Congress (2011 - 2012), S.RES.146, CRS Summary http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/bdquery/z?d112:s.res.00146

Kay Bailey Hutchison

Elected to the Senate of United States representing the State of Texas in June 5, 1993, Kathryn Ann Bailey (Kay) Hutchison has served in the Senate since June 14, 1993, completing another senator’s term; and winning successive reelections, her latest term ending on January 3, 2013. Before coming to the U.S. Senate, Senator Hutchison was a member of the Texas (State) House of Representatives (1972-1976), vice-chair of the National Transportation Safety Board (1976-1978), bank executive and general counsel, business executive, Texas state treasurer (1990-1993), temporary co-chair of the Republican National Convention (1992).

Along with her position as member of the U.S. Senate, Kay Bailey Hutchison was Republican Conference vice-chair (2000-2007), Republican Policy Committee chair (2007-2009), deputy permanent chair of the Republican National Convention (2004).

Kathryn Ann Bailey (Kay) Hutchison (b. Galveston, Texas, 1943) holds undergraduate and graduate credentials from the University of Texas (Austin) and University of Texas School of Law. She has also been a television reporter.

Kathryn Ann (Kay) Bailey Hutchison in Women in Congress, 1917-2006 prepared under the direction of the Committee on House Administration by the Office of History and Preservation, U.S. House of Representatives. Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 2006. http://bioguide.congress.gov/scripts/biodisplay.pl?index=H001016


Bill Summary & Status 112th Congress (2011 - 2012) S.J.RES.18
S.J.RES.18: A joint resolution prohibiting the deployment, establishment, or maintenance of a presence of units and members of the United States Armed Forces on the ground in Libya, and for other purposes. Sponsor: Sen. Webb, Jim [VA] (introduced 6/8/2011)      Cosponsors (2) Sen. Corker, Bob [TN] - 6/8/2011, Sen. Lee, Mike [UT] - 6/9/2011
Related Bills: H.RES.292
Latest Major Action: 6/8/2011 Referred to Senate committee. Status: Read twice and referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations. http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/bdquery/z?d112:SJ00018:@@@P


S.J.RES.20: “A joint resolution authorizing the limited use of the United States Armed Forces in support of the NATO mission in Libya”

CRS Summary of S.J.RES.20

“Expresses the sense of Congress that:
(1) The U.S. Armed Forces and coalition partners who are engaged in military operations to protect the people of Libya have demonstrated extraordinary bravery and should be commended

(2) The U.S. government should continue to support the aspirations of the people of Libya for political reform and self-government based on democratic and human rights

(3) The goal of U.S. policy in Libya, as stated by the President, is to achieve the departure from power of Muammar Qaddafi and his family, including through the use of diplomatic and economic pressure, so that a peaceful transition can begin to an inclusive government that ensures freedom and opportunity; and

(4) The Qaddafi regime’s funds that have been frozen by the United States should be returned to the people of Libya for their benefit, and the President should explore the possibility with the Transitional National Council of using some of such funds to reimburse North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) countries for expenses incurred in Operation Odyssey Dawn and Operation Unified Protector.

Authorizes the President to continue the limited use of the U.S. Armed Forces in Libya in support of U.S. security policy interests as part of the NATO mission to enforce U.N. Security Council Resolution 1973, as requested by the Transitional National Council, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), and the Arab League.

Terminates such authorization one year after the date of enactment of this joint resolution.

States that Congress does not support deploying, establishing, or maintaining the presence of units and members of the U.S. Armed Forces on the ground in Libya unless the purpose of the presence is limited to the immediate personal defense of U.S. government officials (including diplomatic representatives) or to rescuing members of NATO forces from imminent danger.

Directs the President to consult frequently with Congress regarding U.S. efforts in Libya, including by providing regular briefings and reports. Includes as elements in such briefings and reports:
(1) An updated description of U.S. national security interests and policy objectives in Libya

(2) An updated list of U.S. Armed Forces activities in Libya

(3) An updated assessment of the opposition groups in Libya, including potential successor governments; and

(4) An updated explanation of the President’s legal and constitutional rationale for conducting military operations in Libya consistent with the War Powers Resolution.”

Sponsor Sen. Kerry, John F. [MA] (introduced 6/21/2011)
Cosponsors (12) Sen. Blunt, Roy [MO] - 6/21/2011, Sen. Cardin, Benjamin L. [MD] - 6/21/2011, Sen. Durbin, Richard [IL] - 6/21/2011, Sen. Feinstein, Dianne [CA] - 6/21/2011, Sen. Franken, Al [MN] - 6/22/2011, Sen. Graham, Lindsey [SC] - 6/21/2011, Sen. Kirk, Mark Steven [IL] - 6/21/2011, Sen. Kyl, Jon [AZ] - 6/21/2011, Sen. Levin, Carl [MI] - 6/21/2011, Sen. Lieberman, Joseph I. [CT] - 6/21/2011, Sen. McCain, John [AZ] - 6/21/2011, Sen. Nelson, Bill [FL] - 6/27/2011 Related Bills: H.J.RES.67, H.J.RES.68

Latest Major Action: 6/28/2011 Senate committee/subcommittee actions. Status: Committee on Foreign Relations. Ordered to be reported with amendments favorably

Senate Foreign Relations Committee members

John Kerry, Chair; Richard Lugar, Ranking Member
Committee Members: Barbara Boxer, Robert Menendez, Benjamin L. Cardin, Robert P. Casey II, Jim Webb, Jeanne Shaheen, Christopher Coons, Richard J. Durbin, Tom Udall [MAJORITY]

Bob Corker, James E. Risch, Marco Rubio, James M. Inhofe, Jim DeMint, Johnny Isakson, John Barrasso, Mike Lee [MINORITY] http://foreign.senate.gov/


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